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Ab is for absorb and absorption.
Ac is for acreage, accuse and accelerate.
Ad is for adverse, adventure and additive.
Ae is for aerated and aeration.
Af is for african, affair and after.
Ag is for aggressive.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for aircraft and airy.
Al is for alert and all but.
Am is for amazement and amplitude.
An is for anti-semitic, another(a) and anxiety.
Ap is for appoint, apprentice and approve.
Aq is for aqueous solution.
Ar is for arithmetic.
As is for as well.
At is for at all.
Au is for audience and automobile.
Av is for avert, average and average cost.
Aw is for await, awake and awaken.
Ax is for axe.
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