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Ab is for aboard, absent and able.
Ac is for act and acid.
Ad is for advertising.
Ae is for aeration, aerosol and aerator.
Af is for after, after all and after all.
Ag is for agent and aggressive.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for airplane and aim.
Al is for all.
Am is for ambush.
An is for anaconda and antigen.
Ap is for apprehension, appreciably and appreciate.
Aq is for aqueous.
Ar is for arm, arm and arrow.
As is for assess, as usual and asleep(p).
At is for at all, attributable and at best.
Au is for authorities.
Av is for average, average cost and avoidance.
Aw is for awaken, awake(p) and away.
Ax is for axe.
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