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Ab is for above and abroad.
Ac is for accurately and acres.
Ad is for advance and administer.
Ae is for aerator and aerosol.
Af is for affairs.
Ag is for agent, agreement and again.
Ah is for ahead.
Ai is for aircraft.
Al is for alter, all and alchemist.
Am is for amaze, amethystine python and amethystine python.
An is for angle, anastomosis and ankle.
Ap is for appreciate.
Aq is for aqueous solution.
Ar is for arouse.
As is for astonishment, as and as yet.
At is for atmosphere, at the same time and at best.
Au is for aunt, august and aureomycin.
Av is for available.
Aw is for awfully.
Ax is for axis.
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