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A is for alchemist and alone.
B is for billion and bullet.
C is for cleaning.
D is for dedication.
E is for emergency, embankment and electric.
F is for foil, familiar and formulate.
G is for get around.
H is for historian.
I is for italian and inescapable.
J is for judge, jar and jerky.
K is for kelvin.
L is for legend, lie and liable(p).
M is for manifest, monument and motif.
N is for nucleus, not yet and no(a).
O is for once, outset and operetta.
P is for preferably and parlor.
Q is for question.
R is for ration and restraint.
S is for synthetic and shipping.
T is for tiny and test.
U is for utility and useful.
V is for very, value and volunteer.
W is for waist.
X is for x ray.
Y is for yokuts, yesterday and yearning.
Z is for zero.
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