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A is for apartment.
B is for brakes, bark and blanket.
C is for critical and colonel.
D is for dispel, developed and denounce.
E is for employment, everyday and eighty.
F is for fade, firm and faculty.
G is for german, get married and go.
H is for hug, hero and hay.
I is for insist.
J is for jupiter.
K is for kinetic energy, knock and kinetic energy.
L is for lie down, loosely and lazy.
M is for measure and milk.
N is for nicely.
O is for outdoor(a) and oriented.
P is for pretty.
Q is for quarterback and qualify.
R is for restatement.
S is for senator, speculate and soviet union.
T is for trudge, therefore and trace.
U is for underway and up the stairs.
V is for vapor pressure, vapor and valley.
W is for weapon, wink and wind.
X is for x ray.
Y is for yellow.
Z is for zinc.
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