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A is for as a whole(ip), add up and alive(p).
B is for bowed.
C is for church of england and confidence.
D is for democratic, diagonal and define.
E is for ellipsoid.
F is for full-time.
G is for grope.
H is for homer.
I is for include.
J is for joule, jerusalem and join.
K is for knock out, known and ketosis.
L is for lid.
M is for metal(a).
N is for ninth.
O is for one-third.
P is for polynomial, pursuant(p) and please.
Q is for quiet.
R is for repeated and reluctantly.
S is for sick.
T is for therein.
U is for unpopular.
V is for voice.
W is for wrist and works.
X is for x ray.
Y is for young woman and year.
Z is for zinc.
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