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A is for accumulate, amplitude and according.
B is for better and bern.
C is for contrast.
D is for delay and disc.
E is for evidence and editorial.
F is for fog, familiar with(p) and forget.
G is for go wrong.
H is for harden, heart and have.
I is for induce.
J is for jimdandy, jar and jacket.
K is for keyboard.
L is for located.
M is for marry and mercury.
N is for no doubt and nowhere.
O is for orbit.
P is for protrude and pick.
Q is for quote, quarters and questioning.
R is for reinforce, radioactive and remark.
S is for skull.
T is for tax, translation and thwart.
U is for uneasy and ultrasonic.
V is for valley and vanish.
W is for whirl.
X is for x ray.
Y is for years and youth.
Z is for zinc.
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