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  Definition of Asterid dicot genus

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Hyponyms: genus Achillea, Acroclinium, genus Acroclinium, Ageratina, genus Ageratina, genus Ageratum, Amberboa, genus Amberboa, genus Ambrosia, genus Ammobium, Anacyclus, genus Anacyclus, Anaphalis, genus Anaphalis, genus Andryala, Antennaria, genus Antennaria, Anthemis, genus Anthemis, Antheropeas, genus Antheropeas, Arctium, genus Arctium, Arctotis, genus Arctotis, Argyranthemum, genus Argyranthemum, Argyroxiphium, genus Argyroxiphium, genus Arnica, Arnoseris, genus Arnoseris, genus Artemisia, genus Aster, Baccharis, genus Baccharis, Balsamorhiza, genus Balsamorhiza, Bellis, genus Bellis, Bidens, genus Bidens, Boltonia, genus Boltonia, Brachycome, genus Brachycome, Brickellia, genus Brickelia, Buphthalmum, genus Buphthalmum, Cacalia, genus Cacalia, genus Calendula, Callistephus, genus Callistephus, Carduus, genus Carduus, Carlina, genus Carlina, Carthamus, genus Carthamus, genus Catananche, Centaurea, genus Centaurea, Chamaemelum, genus Chamaemelum, genus Chaenactis, genus Chrysanthemum, Chrysopsis, genus Chrysopsis, Chrysothamnus, genus Chrysothamnus, Cichorium, genus Cichorium, Cirsium, genus Cirsium, Cnicus, genus Cnicus, Conoclinium, genus Conoclinium, Conyza, genus Conyza, genus Coreopsis, subgenus Calliopsis, genus Cosmos, Cotula, genus Cotula, Craspedia, genus Craspedia, Crepis, genus Crepis, Cynara, genus Cynara, genus Dahlia, Delairea, genus Delairea, Dendranthema, genus Dendranthema, Dimorphotheca, genus Dimorphotheca, Doronicum, genus Doronicum, Echinacea, genus Echinacea, Echinops, genus Echinops, Elephantopus, genus Elephantopus, Emilia, genus Emilia, Encelia, genus Encelia, Enceliopsis, genus Enceliopsis, genus Engelmannia, genus Erechtites, Erigeron, genus Erigeron, Eriophyllum, genus Eriophyllum, Eupatorium, genus Eupatorium, Felicia, genus Felicia, genus Filago, genus Gaillardia, genus Gazania, Gerbera, genus Gerbera, Gerea, genus Gerea, Gnaphalium, genus Gnaphalium, Grindelia, genus Grindelia, Gutierrezia, genus Gutierrezia, Gynura, genus Gynura, Haastia, genus Haastia, Haplopappus, genus Haplopappus, Hazardia, genus Hazardia, Helenium, genus Helenium, genus Helianthus, Helichrysum, genus Helichrysum, genus Heliopsis, Helipterum, genus Helipterum, Heterotheca, genus Heterotheca, Hieracium, genus Hieracium, Homogyne, genus Homogyne, Hulsea, genus Hulsea, Hyalosperma, genus Hyalosperma, Hypochaeris, genus Hypochaeris, Hypochoeris, genus Hypochoeris, genus Inula, genus Iva, genus Krigia, Lactuca, genus Lactuca, Lagenophera, genus Lagenophera, Lasthenia, genus Lasthenia, Layia, genus Layia, Leontodon, genus Leontodon, Leontopodium, genus Leontopodium, Leucanthemum, genus Leucanthemum, Leucogenes, genus Leucogenes, Liatris, genus Liatris, Ligularia, genus Ligularia, Lindheimera, genus Lindheimera, Lonas, genus Lonas, Machaeranthera, genus Machaeranthera, Madia, genus Madia, Matricaria, genus Matricaria, Melampodium, genus Melampodium, Mikania, genus Mikania, genus Mutisia, Nabalus, genus Nabalus, Olearia, genus Olearia, Onopordum, genus Onopordum, Onopordon, genus Onopordon, genus Othonna, Ozothamnus, genus Ozothamnus, Packera, genus Packera, Parthenium, genus Parthenium, Pericallis, genus Pericallis, Petasites, genus Petasites, Picris, genus Picris, Pilosella, genus Pilosella, Piqueria, genus Piqueria, Prenanthes, genus Prenanthes, genus Pteropogon, Pulicaria, genus Pulicaria, Pyrethrum, genus Pyrethrum, Raoulia, genus Raoulia, Ratibida, genus Ratibida, genus Rhodanthe, Rudbeckia, genus Rudbeckia, Santolina, genus Santolina, Sanvitalia, genus Sanvitalia, Saussurea, genus Saussurea, Scolymus, genus Scolymus, Senecio, genus Senecio, genus Scorzonera, Sericocarpus, genus Sericocarpus, Seriphidium, genus Seriphidium, Serratula, genus Serratula, Silphium, genus Silphium, Silybum, genus Silybum, Solidago, genus Solidago, Sonchus, genus Sonchus, Stenotus, genus Stenotus, genus Stevia, Stokesia, genus Stokesia, Tageteste, genus Tagetes, Tanacetum, genus Tanacetum, Taraxacum, genus Taraxacum, Tetraneuris, genus Tetraneuris, genus Tithonia, Townsendia, genus Townsendia, Tragopogon, genus Tragopogon, Trilisa, genus Trilisa, Tripleurospermum, genus Tripleurospermum, Tussilago, genus Tussilago, genus Ursinia, Verbesina, genus Verbesina, Actinomeris, genus Actinomeris, genus Vernonia, genus Wyethia, Xanthium, genus Xanthium, genus Xeranthemum, genus Zinnia, Rubia, genus Rubia, Asperula, genus Asperula, Calycophyllum, genus Calycophyllum, Chiococca, genus Chiococca, Coffea, genus Coffea, genus Cinchona, genus Chinchona, Galium, genus Galium, genus Gardenia, genus Genipa, genus Hamelia, Mitchella, genus Mitchella, Nauclea, genus Nauclea, Pinckneya, genus Pinckneya, Psychotria, genus Psychotria, Sarcocephalus, genus Sarcocephalus, Vangueria, genus Vangueria, genus Abelia, Diervilla, genus Diervilla, Kolkwitzia, genus Kolkwitzia, Leycesteria, genus Leycesteria, Linnaea, genus Linnaea, Lonicera, genus Lonicera, Symphoricarpos, genus Symphoricarpos, Sambucus, genus Sambucus, Triostium, genus Triostium, Viburnum, genus Viburnum, genus Weigela, Dipsacus, genus Dipsacus, genus Scabiosa, genus Polemonium, genus Acanthus, Graptophyllum, genus Graptophyllum, Thunbergia, genus Thunbergia, Bignonia, genus Bignonia, genus Catalpa, Chilopsis, genus Chilopsis, Crescentia, genus Crescentia, genus Gesneria, genus Achimenes, genus Aeschynanthus, Alsobia, genus Alsobia, genus Columnea, genus Episcia, genus Gloxinia, genus Kohleria, Saintpaulia, genus Saintpaulia, Sinningia, genus Sinningia, genus Streptocarpus, Hydrophyllum, genus Hydrophyllum, Emmanthe, genus Emmanthe, Eriodictyon, genus Eriodictyon, genus Nemophila, genus Phacelia, Pholistoma, genus Pholistoma, Acinos, genus Acinos, Agastache, genus Agastache, Ajuga, genus Ajuga, Ballota, genus Ballota, Blephilia, genus Blephilia, Calamintha, genus Calamintha, Clinopodium, genus Clinopodium, Collinsonia, genus Collinsonia, genus Coleus, Conradina, genus Conradina, Dracocephalum, genus Dracocephalum, genus Elsholtzia, Galeopsis, genus Galeopsis, Glechoma, genus Glechoma, Hedeoma, genus Hedeoma, Hyssopus, genus Hyssopus, Lamium, genus Lamium, Lavandula, genus Lavandula, Leonotis, genus Leonotis, Leonurus, genus Leonurus, Lepechinia, genus Lepechinia, Sphacele, genus Sphacele, Lycopus, genus Lycopus, genus Origanum, Majorana, genus Majorana, Marrubium, genus Marrubium, Melissa, genus Melissa, Mentha, genus Mentha, Micromeria, genus Micromeria, Molucella, genus Molucella, genus Monarda, Nepeta, genus Nepeta, Ocimum, genus Ocimum, Perilla, genus Perilla, genus Phlomis, genus Physostegia, genus Plectranthus, Pogostemon, genus Pogostemon, Prunella, genus Prunella, Pycnanthemum, genus Pycnanthemum, Koellia, genus Koellia, Rosmarinus, genus Rosmarinus, genus Salvia, Satureja, genus Satureja, Satureia, genus Satureia, Scutellaria, genus Scutellaria, Sideritis, genus Sideritis, Solenostemon, genus Solenostemon, Stachys, genus Stachys, Teucrium, genus Teucrium, Thymus, genus Thymus, Trichostema, genus Trichostema, Scrophularia, genus Scrophularia, Antirrhinum, genus Antirrhinum, Besseya, genus Besseya, Aureolaria, genus Aureolaria, genus Calceolaria, Castilleja, genus Castilleja, Castilleia, genus Castilleia, Chelone, genus Chelone, Collinsia, genus Collinsia, Culver's root, Culvers root, Culver's physic, Culvers physic, whorlywort, Veronicastrum virginicum, genus Digitalis, genus Gerardia, Agalinis, genus Agalinis, Linaria, genus Linaria, Penstemon, genus Penstemon, Verbascum, genus Verbascum, genus Veronica, Solanum, genus Solanum, Atropa, genus Atropa, genus Browallia, Brunfelsia, genus Brunfelsia, Brugmansia, genus Brugmansia, genus Capsicum, Cestrum, genus Cestrum, Cyphomandra, genus Cyphomandra, Datura, genus Datura, Fabiana, genus Fabiana, Hyoscyamus, genus Hyoscyamus, Lycium, genus Lycium, Lycopersicon, genus Lycopersicon, Lycopersicum, genus Lycopersicum, Mandragora, genus Mandragora, Nicandra, genus Nicandra, Nicotiana, genus Nicotiana, genus Nierembergia, genus Petunia, Physalis, genus Physalis, Salpichroa, genus Salpichroa, genus Salpiglossis, genus Schizanthus, Scopolia, genus Scopolia, Solandra, genus Solandra, Streptosolen, genus Streptosolen, genus Verbena, Avicennia, genus Avicennia, Aegiceras, genus Aegiceras, Tectona, genus Tectona, Valeriana, genus Valeriana, Valerianella, genus Valerianella, Centranthus, genus Centranthus


Member Meronyms: Asteridae, subclass Asteridae


Anagrams: genus Ancistrodon, genus Castoroides


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