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  Definition of Bird genus

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Hyponyms: genus Protoavis, genus Archaeopteryx, genus Archeopteryx, genus Sinornis, genus Ibero-mesornis, genus Archaeornis, Struthio, genus Struthio, Casuarius, genus Casuarius, Dromaius, genus Dromaius, genus Apteryx, genus Rhea, Pterocnemia, genus Pterocnemia, genus Aepyornis, Dinornis, genus Dinornis, genus Anomalopteryx, Prunella, genus Prunella, Alauda, genus Alauda, Motacilla, genus Motacilla, Anthus, genus Anthus, Fringilla, genus Fringilla, Carduelis, genus Carduelis, Spinus, genus Spinus, Carpodacus, genus Carpodacus, Serinus, genus Serinus, Loxia, genus Loxia, Pyrrhula, genus Pyrrhula, genus Junco, Pooecetes, genus Pooecetes, Zonotrichia, genus Zonotrichia, Spizella, genus Spizella, Melospiza, genus Melospiza, Passerina, genus Passerina, Emberiza, genus Emberiza, Plectrophenax, genus Plectrophenax, Coereba, genus Coereba, Passer, genus Passer, Hesperiphona, genus Hesperiphona, Coccothraustes, genus Coccothraustes, Pinicola, genus Pinicola, Richmondena, genus Richmondena, genus Pyrrhuloxia, Pipilo, genus Pipilo, Chlorura, genus Chlorura, Ploceus, genus Ploceus, Vidua, genus Vidua, Padda, genus Padda, Estrilda, genus Estrilda, Poephila, genus Poephila, Drepanis, genus Drepanis, Menura, genus Menura, Atrichornis, genus Atrichornis, Tyrannus, genus Tyrannus, Contopus, genus Contopus, Sayornis, genus Sayornis, Pyrocephalus, genus Pyrocephalus, genus Cotinga, Rupicola, genus Rupicola, Pipra, genus Pipra, Procnias, genus Procnias, Cephalopterus, genus Cephalopterus, Furnarius, genus Furnarius, Formicarius, genus Formicarius, Thamnophilus, genus Thamnophilus, Hylophylax, genus Hylophylax, Dendrocolaptes, genus Dendrocolaptes, genus Pitta, Muscivora, genus Muscivora, Muscicapa, genus Muscicapa, Pachycephala, genus Pachycephala, Turdus, genus Turdus, Hylocichla, genus Hylocichla, Luscinia, genus Luscinia, Saxicola, genus Saxicola, Myadestes, genus Myadestes, Phoenicurus, genus Phoenicurus, Oenanthe, genus Oenanthe, Sialia, genus Sialia, Erithacus, genus Erithacus, Polioptila, genus Polioptila, Regulus, genus Regulus, Silvia, genus Silvia, Phylloscopus, genus Phylloscopus, Acrocephalus, genus Acrocephalus, Prinia, genus Prinia, Orthotomus, genus Orthotomus, Timalia, genus Timalia, Parula, genus Parula, Setophaga, genus Setophaga, Dendroica, genus Dendroica, Icteria, genus Icteria, Seiurus, genus Seiurus, Geothlypis, genus Geothlypis, Ptloris, genus Ptloris, Icterus, genus Icterus, Sturnella, genus Sturnella, Cacicus, genus Cacicus, Dolichonyx, genus Dolichonyx, Quiscalus, genus Quiscalus, Euphagus, genus Euphagus, Molothrus, genus Molothrus, Agelaius, genus Agelaius, Oriolus, genus Oriolus, Sphecotheres, genus Sphecotheres, Sturnus, genus Sturnus, Pastor, subgenus Pastor, Acridotheres, genus Acridotheres, Gracula, genus Gracula, Corvus, genus Corvus, Garrulus, genus Garrulus, Cyanocitta, genus Cyanocitta, Perisoreus, genus Perisoreus, Nucifraga, genus Nucifraga, Pica, genus Pica, Cracticus, genus Cracticus, Strepera, genus Strepera, Gymnorhina, genus Gymnorhina, Troglodytes, genus Troglodytes, Cistothorus, genus Cistothorus, Salpinctes, genus Salpinctes, Thryothorus, genus Thryothorus, Campylorhynchus, genus Campylorhynchus, Heleodytes, genus Heleodytes, Mimus, genus Mimus, Melanotis, genus Melanotis, Dumetella, genus Dumetella, Toxostoma, genus Toxostoma, Xenicus, genus Xenicus, Acanthisitta, genus Acanthisitta, Certhia, genus Certhia, Tichodroma, genus Tichodroma, Sitta, genus Sitta, Parus, genus Parus, Psaltriparus, genus Psaltriparus, Chamaea, genus Chamaea, Auriparus, genus Auriparus, Irena, genus Irena, Hirundo, genus Hirundo, Iridoprocne, genus Iridoprocne, Delichon, genus Delichon, Riparia, genus Riparia, Progne, genus Progne, Artamus, genus Artamus, Piranga, genus Piranga, Lanius, genus Lanius, Chlorophoneus, genus Chlorophoneus, Ptilonorhynchus, genus Ptilonorhynchus, Chlamydera, genus Chlamydera, Cinclus, genus Cinclus, genus Vireo, Bombycilla, genus bombycilla, Accipiter, genus Accipiter, Buteo, genus Buteo, Pernis, genus Pernis, Milvus, genus-Milvus, Elanoides, genus Elanoides, Elanus, genus Elanus, Circus, genus Circus, Circaetus, genus Circaetus, Falco, genus Falco, Polyborus, genus Polyborus, Harpia, genus Harpia, Aquila, genus Aquila, Haliaeetus, genus Haliaeetus, Pandion, genus Pandion, Gyps, genus Gyps, Gypaetus, genus Gypaetus, Neophron, genus Neophron, Aegypius, genus Aegypius, Sagittarius, genus Sagittarius, Cathartes, genus Cathartes, Vultur, genus Vultur, Gymnogyps, genus Gymnogyps, Coragyps, genus Coragyps, Sarcorhamphus, genus Sarcorhamphus, Athene, genus Athene, Bubo, genus Bubo, Strix, genus Strix, Otus, genus Otus, Surnia, genus Surnia, Asio, genus Asio, Sceloglaux, genus Sceloglaux, Tyto, genus Tyto, Gallus, genus Gallus, Meleagris, genus Meleagris, Agriocharis, genus Agriocharis, Lyrurus, genus Lyrurus, Lagopus, genus Lagopus, Tetrao, genus Tetrao, Canachites, genus Canachites, Centrocercus, genus Centrocercus, Bonasa, genus Bonasa, Pedioecetes, genus Pedioecetes, Tympanuchus, genus Tympanuchus, Crax, genus Crax, Penelope, genus Penelope, Pipile, genus Pipile, Ortalis, genus Ortalis, Megapodius, genus-Megapodius, genus Leipoa, Alectura, genus Alectura, Macrocephalon, genus Macrocephalon, Phasianus, genus Phasianus, genus Afropavo, Argusianus, genus Argusianus, Chrysolophus, genus Chrysolophus, Colinus, genus Colinus, Coturnix, genus Coturnix, Lophophorus, genus Lophophorus, Odontophorus, genus Odontophorus, Pavo, genus Pavo, Lofortyx, genus Lofortyx, genus Tragopan, Perdix, genus Perdix, Alectoris, genus Alectoris, Oreortyx, genus Oreortyx, Numida, genus Numida, Opisthocomus, genus Opisthocomus, Raphus, genus Raphus, Pezophaps, genus Pezophaps, Columba, genus Columba, Streptopelia, genus Streptopelia, Stictopelia, genus Stictopelia, Zenaidura, genus Zenaidura, Ectopistes, genus Ectopistes, Pterocles, genus Pterocles, Syrrhaptes, genus Syrrhaptes, Psittacus, genus Psittacus, Amazona, genus Amazona, Ara, genus Ara, Nestor, genus Nestor, Kakatoe, genus Kakatoe, Cacatua, genus Cacatua, Nymphicus, genus Nymphicus, Agapornis, genus Agapornis, Glossopsitta, genus Glossopsitta, Trichoglossus, genus Trichoglossus, Conuropsis, genus Conuropsis, Melopsittacus, genus Melopsittacus, Psittacula, genus Psittacula, Cuculus, genus Cuculus, Coccyzus, genus Coccyzus, Geococcyx, genus Geococcyx, Crotophaga, genus Crotophaga, Centropus, genus Centropus, Musophaga, genus Musophaga, Coracias, genus Coracias, Alcedo, genus Alcedo, Ceryle, genus Ceryle, Dacelo, genus Dacelo, Halcyon, genus Halcyon, Merops, genus Merops, Buceros, genus Buceros, Upupa, genus Upupa, Phoeniculus, genus Phoeniculus, Momotus, genus Momotus, Todus, genus Todus, Apus, genus Apus, Chateura, genus Chateura, Collocalia, genus Collocalia, Archilochus, genus Archilochus, Chalcostigma, genus Chalcostigma, Ramphomicron, genus Ramphomicron, Caprimulgus, genus Caprimulgus, Chordeiles, genus Chordeiles, Phalaenoptilus, genus Phalaenoptilus, Podargus, genus Podargus, Steatornis, genus Steatornis, Picus, genus Picus, Picoides, genus Picoides, Colaptes, genus Colaptes, Campephilus, genus Campephilus, Melanerpes, genus Melanerpes, Sphyrapicus, genus Sphyrapicus, Jynx, genus Jynx, Picumnus, genus Picumnus, Aulacorhyncus, genus Aulacorhyncus, genus Trogon, Pharomacrus, genus Pharomacrus, Anas, genus Anas, Tadorna, genus Tadorna, Oxyura, genus Oxyura, Bucephala, genus Bucephala, Aythya, genus Aythya, Aix, genus Aix, Cairina, genus Cairina, Somateria, genus Somateria, Melanitta, genus Melanitta, Clangula, genus Clangula, Mergus, genus Mergus, Lophodytes, genus Lophodytes, Anser, genus Anser, Chen, subgenus Chen, Branta, genus Branta, genus Coscoroba, Cygnus, genus Cygnus, Anhima, genus Anhima, Chauna, genus Chauna, Ciconia, genus Ciconia, Leptoptilus, genus Leptoptilus, Anastomus, genus Anastomus, genus Jabiru, Ephippiorhynchus, genus Ephippiorhynchus, Xenorhyncus, genus Xenorhyncus, Mycteria, genus Mycteria, Balaeniceps, genus Balaeniceps, genus Ibis, Threskiornis, genus Threskiornis, Platalea, genus Platalea, Ajaia, genus Ajaia, Ardea, genus Ardea, Egretta, genus Egretta, Casmerodius, genus Casmerodius, Bubulcus, genus Bubulcus, Nycticorax, genus Nycticorax, Nyctanassa, genus Nyctanassa, Cochlearius, genus Cochlearius, Botaurus, genus Botaurus, Ixobrychus, genus Ixobrychus, Grus, genus Grus, Aramus, genus Aramus, Cariama, genus Cariama, genus Chunga, Gallirallus, genus Gallirallus, Crex, genus Crex, Porzana, genus Porzana, Gallinula, genus Gallinula, Porphyrio, genus Porphyrio, Porphyrula, genus Porphyrula, genus Notornis, Fulica, genus Fulica, Otis, genus Otis, Choriotis, genus Choriotis, Turnix, genus Turnix, Pedionomus, genus Pedionomus, Psophia, genus Psophia, Charadrius, genus Charadrius, Pluvialis, genus Pluvialis, Vanellus, genus Vanellus, Arenaria, genus Arenaria, Aphriza, genus Aphriza, Actitis, genus Actitis, Erolia, genus Erolia, Tringa, genus Tringa, Calidris, genus Calidris, Crocethia, genus Crocethia, Bartramia, genus Bartramia, Philomachus, genus Philomachus, Heteroscelus, genus Heteroscelus, Catoptrophorus, genus Catoptrophorus, Scolopax, genus Scolopax, Philohela, genus Philohela, Gallinago, genus Gallinago, Capella, genus Capella, Limnocryptes, genus Limnocryptes, Limnodromus, genus Limnodromus, Numenius, genus Numenius, Limosa, genus Limosa, Himantopus, genus Himantopus, Cladorhyncus, genus Cladorhyncus, Recurvirostra, genus Recurvirostra, Haematopus, genus Haematopus, Phalaropus, genus Phalaropus, Lobipes, genus Lobipes, Steganopus, genus Steganopus, Glareola, genus Glareola, Cursorius, genus Cursorius, Pluvianus, genus Pluvianus, Burhinus, genus Burhinus, Larus, genus Larus, Pagophila, genus Pagophila, Rissa, genus Rissa, Sterna, genus Sterna, Rynchops, genus Rynchops, Stercorarius, genus Stercorarius, Catharacta, genus Catharacta, Alca, genus Alca, Plautus, genus Plautus, Pinguinus, genus Pinguinus, Cepphus, genus Cepphus, Uria, genus Uria, Fratercula, genus Fratercula, Lunda, genus Lunda, Gavia, genus Gavia, Podiceps, genus Podiceps, Podilymbus, genus Podilymbus, Pelecanus, genus Pelecanus, Fregata, genus Fregata, Sula, genus Sula, Phalacrocorax, genus Phalacrocorax, genus Anhinga, Phaethon, genus Phaethon, Pygoscelis, genus Pygoscelis, Aptenodytes, genus Aptenodytes, Spheniscus, genus Spheniscus, Eudyptes, genus Eudyptes, genus Diomedea, Procellaria, genus Procellaria, Macronectes, genus Macronectes, Fulmarus, genus Fulmarus, Puffinus, genus Puffinus, Hydrobates, genus Hydrobates, Oceanites, genus Oceanites


Member Meronyms: Vertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniata


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