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  Definition of Case
  1. a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord"
  2. a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
  3. a glass container used to store and display items in a shop or museum or home
  4. bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow; "the burglar carried his loot in a pillowcase"
  5. the enclosing frame around a door or window opening; "the casings had rotted away and had to be replaced"
  6. the housing or outer covering of something; "the clock has a walnut case"
  7. an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part
  8. the actual state of things; "that was not the case"
  9. nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence
  10. a statement of facts and reasons used to support an argument; "he stated his case clearly"
  11. a problem requiring investigation; "Perry Mason solved the case of the missing heir"
  12. an occurrence of something; "it was a case of bad judgment"; "another instance occurred yesterday"; "but there is always the famous example of the Smiths"
  13. a person requiring professional services; "a typical case was the suburban housewife described by a marriage counselor"
  14. a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities); "a real character"; "a strange character"; "a friendly eccentric"; "the capable type"; "a mental case"
  15. a person who is subjected to experimental or other observational procedures; someone who is an object of investigation; "the subjects for this investigation were selected randomly"; "the cases that we studied were drawn from two different communities"
  16. the quantity contained in a case
  17. a special set of circumstances; "in that event, the first possibility is excluded"; "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"
  18. a specific state of mind that is temporary; "a case of the jitters"
  19. enclose in, or as if in, a case; "my feet were encased in mud"
  20. look over, usually with the intention to rob; "They men cased the housed"
Similar Words: lawsuit, suit, cause, causa, display case, showcase, pillowcase, slip, pillow slip, casing, shell, sheath, grammatical case, instance, example, character, eccentric, type, subject, guinea pig, caseful, event, encase, incase


Hyponyms: civil suit, class action, class-action suit, countersuit, criminal suit, moot, paternity suit, bastardy proceeding, baggage, luggage, briefcase, cardcase, cigarette case, compact, powder compact, dispatch case, dispatch box, glasses case, gun case, kit, letter case, locket, pillbox, portfolio, quiver, shoe, sleeve, wallet, billfold, notecase, pocketbook, watch case, writing desk, trophy case, boot, gearbox, gear case, jacket, theca, lorica, medullary sheath, myelin sheath, neurolemma, neurilemma, husk, nominative, nominative case, subject case, oblique, oblique case, humiliation, mortification, piece, bit, time, clip, client, patient, welfare case, charity case, pack, box, package, sack, crate


Part Meronyms: doorway, door, room access, threshold, window, grandfather clock, longcase clock


Derivational Morphology: action, sue, litigate, process, encase, incase, exemplify, illustrate, instance, instantiate, type, typecast, typify, epitomize, epitomise, caseful, sheath, shell, casing, display case, showcase, encasement, incasement


Language Translations:
Belarusian: склон   Bosnian: padež  
Bulgarian: падеж and сандък   Croatian: padež and sanduk  
Danish: fald and kasse   Dutch: kist and naamval  
Finnish: oikeusjuttu and pakkaus and sijamuoto and tapaus   French: écrin and cas and cause  
German: Fall and Kasus and Kiste   Greek: πτώση and περίπτωση and υπόθεση and κιβώτιον  
Hebrew: יחסה and מקרה and תיק   Hungarian: eset and láda  
Italian: caso and cassetta and causa   Japanese: and and 事件  
Korean: and 경우 and 상자   Latin: casus and causa  
Norwegian: kiste   Polish: skrzynia  
Portuguese: caixa and caso and causa   Romanian: ladă  
Russian: падеж and случай and судебное дело and ящик   Serbian: сандук  
Slovak: debna and pád   Slovene: primer and sklon  
Spanish: caja and caso and causa   Swedish: fall and kasus and lår  
Ukrainian: скриня  
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