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  Definition of Dilleniid dicot genus

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Hyponyms: Capparis, genus Capparis, genus Cleome, Crateva, genus Crateva, Polanisia, genus Polanisia, Aethionema, genus Aethionema, Alliaria, genus Alliaria, Alyssum, genus Alyssum, Anastatica, genus Anastatica, Arabidopsis, genus Arabidopsis, Arabis, genus Arabis, Armoracia, genus Armoracia, Barbarea, genus Barbarea, Berteroa, genus Berteroa, Biscutella, genus Biscutella, Brassica, genus Brassica, Cakile, genus Cakile, Camelina, genus Camelina, Capsella, genus Capsella, Cardamine, genus Cardamine, Dentaria, genus Dentaria, Cheiranthus, genus Cheiranthus, Cochlearia, genus Cochlearia, Crambe, genus Crambe, Descurainia, genus Descurainia, Diplotaxis, genus Diplotaxis, genus Draba, Eruca, genus Eruca, Erysimum, genus Erysimum, genus Heliophila, Hesperis, genus Hesperis, Hugueninia, genus Hugueninia, Iberis, genus Iberis, Isatis, genus Isatis, Lepidium, genus Lepidium, Lesquerella, genus Lesquerella, Lobularia, genus Lobularia, Lunaria, genus Lunaria, Malcolmia, genus Malcolmia, Matthiola, genus Matthiola, Nasturtium, genus Nasturtium, Physaria, genus Physaria, Pritzelago, genus Pritzelago, Raphanus, genus raphanus, Rorippa, genus Rorippa, genus Schizopetalon, Sinapis, genus Sinapis, genus Sisymbrium, Stanleya, genus Stanleya, Stephanomeria, genus Stephanomeria, Subularia, genus Subularia, Thlaspi, genus Thlaspi, Thysanocarpus, genus Thysanocarpus, Turritis, genus Turritis, Vesicaria, genus Vesicaria, Papaver, genus Papaver, genus Argemone, genus Bocconia, Chelidonium, genus Chelidonium, Corydalis, genus Corydalis, Dendromecon, genus Dendromecon, Eschscholtzia, genus Eschscholtzia, Glaucium, genus Glaucium, Hunnemannia, genus Hunnemania, Macleaya, genus Macleaya, Meconopsis, genus Meconopsis, Platystemon, genus Platystemon, Romneya, genus Romneya, Sanguinaria, genus Sanguinaria, Stylomecon, genus Stylomecon, Stylophorum, genus Stylophorum, Fumaria, genus Fumaria, Adlumia, genus Adlumia, Dicentra, genus Dicentra, genus Loasa, Mentzelia, genus Mentzelia, Malva, genus Malva, Abelmoschus, genus Abelmoschus, Abutilon, genus Abutilon, Alcea, genus Alcea, genus Althaea, Callirhoe, genus Callirhoe, Gossypium, genus Gossypium, genus Hibiscus, Hoheria, genus Hoheria, Iliamna, genus Iliamna, Kosteletzya, genus Kosteletzya, Lavatera, genus Lavatera, Malacothamnus, genus Malacothamnus, genus Malope, Malvastrum, genus Malvastrum, Malvaviscus, genus Malvaviscus, Napaea, genus Napaea, genus Pavonia, Plagianthus, genus Plagianthus, Radyera, genus Radyera, Sida, genus Sida, Sidalcea, genus Sidalcea, Sphaeralcea, genus Sphaeralcea, Thespesia, genus Thespesia, Bombax, genus Bombax, Adansonia, genus Adansonia, Ceiba, genus Ceiba, Durio, genus Durio, genus Montezuma, Ochroma, genus Ochroma, Pseudobombax, genus Pseudobombax, Elaeocarpus, genus Elaeocarpus, Aristotelia, genus Aristotelia, Muntingia, genus Muntingia, Sloanea, genus Sloanea, genus Sterculia, Brachychiton, genus Brachychiton, Cola, genus Cola, genus Dombeya, Firmiana, genus Firmiana, Fremontodendron, genus Fremontodendron, Fremontia, genus Fremontia, Helicteres, genus Helicteres, Heritiera, genus Heritiera, Terrietia, genus Terrietia, Hermannia, genus Hermannia, Pterospermum, genus Pterospermum, Tarrietia, genus Tarrietia, Theobroma, genus Theobroma, Triplochiton, genus Triplochiton, Tilia, genus Tilia, Entelea, genus Entelea, Corchorus, genus Corchorus, Grewia, genus Grewia, Sparmannia, genus Sparmannia, genus Erica, genus Andromeda, genus Arbutus, Arctostaphylos, genus Arctostaphylos, Bruckenthalia, genus Bruckenthalia, genus Bryanthus, Calluna, genus Calluna, Cassiope, genus Cassiope, Chamaedaphne, genus Chamaedaphne, Daboecia, genus Daboecia, Epigaea, genus Epigaea, Gaultheria, genus Gaultheria, Gaylussacia, genus Gaylussacia, genus Kalmia, Ledum, genus Ledum, Leiophyllum, genus Leiophyllum, genus Leucothoe, Loiseleuria, genus Loiseleuria, Lyonia, genus Lyonia, Menziesia, genus Menziesia, Oxydendrum, genus Oxydendrum, Phyllodoce, genus Phyllodoce, Pieris, genus Pieris, genus Rhododendron, subgenus Azalea, Azaleastrum, subgenus Azaleastrum, Vaccinium, genus Vaccinium, genus Diapensia, genus Galax, Pyxidanthera, genus Pyxidanthera, genus Shortia, genus Epacris, Astroloma, genus Astroloma, Richea, genus Richea, Styphelia, genus Styphelia, genus Pyrola, Orthilia, genus Orthilia, Chimaphila, genus Chimaphila, Moneses, genus Moneses, Monotropa, genus Monotropa, Hypopitys, genus Hypopitys, Sarcodes, genus Sarcodes, genus Begonia, genus Dillenia, Hibbertia, genus Hibbertia, Calophyllum, genus Calophyllum, genus Clusia, Garcinia, genus Garcinia, Hypericum, genus Hypericum, Mammea, genus Mammea, Mesua, genus Mesua, Actinidia, genus Actinidia, genus Canella, Carica, genus Carica, Caryocar, genus Caryocar, Cistus, genus Cistus, genus Helianthemum, Hudsonia, genus Hudsonia, Shorea, genus Shorea, Flacourtia, genus Flacourtia, Dovyalis, genus Dovyalis, Hydnocarpus, genus Hydnocarpus, Taraktagenos, genus Taraktagenos, Taraktogenos, genus Taraktogenos, genus Idesia, Kiggelaria, genus Kiggelaria, genus Xylosma, Fouquieria, genus Fouquieria, Ochna, genus Ochna, Passiflora, genus Passiflora, genus Reseda, Tamarix, genus Tamarix, Myricaria, genus Myricaria, Viola, genus Viola, Hybanthus, genus Hybanthus, Hymenanthera, genus Hymenanthera, Melicytus, genus Melicytus, Santalum, genus Santalum, genus Buckleya, Comandra, genus Comandra, Eucarya, genus Eucarya, Fusanus, genus Fusanus, Pyrularia, genus Pyrularia, Loranthus, genus Loranthus, Arceuthobium, genus Arceuthobium, Nuytsia, genus Nuytsia, Viscum, genus Viscum, Phoradendron, genus Phoradendron, genus Camellia


Member Meronyms: Dilleniidae, subclass Dilleniidae


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