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  Definition of green
  1. street names for ketamine
  2. the property of being green; resembling the color of growing grass
  3. any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables
  4. an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course; "the ball rolled across the green and into the trap"
  5. a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area; "they went for a walk in the park"
  6. a river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River
  7. an environmentalist who belongs to the Green Party
  8. United States labor leader who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1924 to 1952 and who led the struggle with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (1873-1952)
  9. turn or become green; "The trees are greening"
  10. similar to the color of fresh grass; "a green tree"; "green fields"; "green paint"
  11. not fully developed or mature; not ripe; "unripe fruit"; "fried green tomatoes"; "green wood"
  12. naive and easily deceived or tricked; "at that early age she had been gullible and in love"
  13. looking pale and unhealthy; "you''re looking green"; "green around the gills"
  14. concerned with or supporting or in conformity with the political principles of the Green Party
Similar Words: K, jet, super acid, special K, honey oil, cat valium, super C, greenness, viridity, greens, leafy vegetable, putting green, park, commons, common, Green, Green River, William Green, greenish, light-green, dark-green, unripe, unripened, immature, fleeceable, gullible


Hyponyms: greenishness, sea green, sage green, bottle green, chrome green, emerald, olive green, yellow green, yellowish green, chartreuse, Paris green, pea green, bluish green, blue-green, teal, jade green, jade, chop-suey greens, sprout, beet green, chard, Swiss chard, spinach beet, leaf beet, salad green, salad greens, dandelion green, lamb's-quarter, pigweed, wild spinach, turnip greens, sorrel, common sorrel, French sorrel, spinach, amusement park, funfair, pleasure ground, village green, Central Park


Pertainyms: Green Party


Part Meronyms: golf course, golf links, links, urban area, populated area, Wyoming, Equality State, WY, Utah, Beehive State, Mormon State, UT


Derivational Morphology: greenness, viridity, rejuvenation, greening, greenery, verdure


Anagrams: genre


Language Translations:
Afrikaans: groen   Albanian: gjelbër  
Bosnian: zelena   Breton: glas  
Bulgarian: зелен   Catalan: verd  
Chinese: 綠色   Croatian: zelena  
Danish: grøn   Dutch: een groentje and groen and groene jongen  
Esperanto: verda and verdo and verdulo   Estonian: roheline  
Finnish: kokematon and vihreä   French: peu and vert  
Frisian: grien   Galician: verde  
German: grün and grünschnäblig   Greek: πράσινο and πράσινος  
Hebrew: ירוק   Hungarian: zöld  
Icelandic: grænn   Ido: verda  
Indonesian: hijau   Interlingua: verde  
Irish: glas and uaine   Italian: verde  
Japanese: and 青い   Korean: 푸르다 and 풋나기다  
Latin: viridis   Latvian: zaļais and zaļš  
Lithuanian: žalias   Malay: hijau  
Malayalam: പച്ച   Maltese: aħdar  
Norwegian: grønn   Novial: verdi  
Polish: zieleń and zielony   Portuguese: verde  
Romanian: verde   Russian: зелёный and неопытный  
Slovak: zelený   Slovene: zelen and zelena  
Spanish: verde   Swedish: grön  
Telugu: ఆకుపచ్చ   Turkish: yeşil  
Ukrainian: зелений   Vietnamese: (màu and ngây thơ and đảng viên  
Welsh: glas and gwyrdd  
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