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Similar Words: practice of law, natural law, law of nature, jurisprudence, legal philosophy, police, police force, constabulary


Hyponyms: divine law, principle, sound law, all-or-none law, rule, Archimedes' principle, law of Archimedes, Avogadro's law, Avogadro's hypothesis, Bernoulli's law, law of large numbers, Benford's law, Bose-Einstein statistics, Boyle's law, Mariotte's law, Coulomb's Law, Dalton's law, Dalton's law of partial pressures, law of partial pressures, distribution law, equilibrium law, law of chemical equilibrium, Fechner's law, Weber-Fechner law, Fermi-Dirac statistics, Gay-Lussac's law, Charles's law, law of volumes, Henry's law, Hooke's law, Hubble's law, Hubble law, Kepler's law, Kepler's law of planetary motion, Kirchhoff's laws, law of averages, law of constant proportion, law of definite proportions, law of diminishing returns, law of effect, law of equivalent proportions, law of reciprocal proportions, law of gravitation, Newton's law of gravitation, law of multiple proportions, law of mass action, law of thermodynamics, Mendel's law, Newton's law of motion, Newton's law, law of motion, Ohm's law, Pascal's law, Pascal's law of fluid pressures, Pauli exclusion principle, exclusion principle, periodic law, Mendeleev's law, Planck's law, Planck's radiation law, principle of relativity, Stevens' law, power law, Stevens' power law, Weber's law, contract law, corporation law, matrimonial law, patent law, anti-drug law, anti-racketeering law, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO Act, RICO, antitrust legislation, antitrust law, statute of limitations, fundamental law, organic law, constitution, public law, blue law, blue sky law, gag law, homestead law, poor law, Riot Act, prohibition, Europol, European Law Enforcement Organisation, gendarmerie, gendarmery, Mutawa'een, Mutawa, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, Mounties, Scotland Yard, New Scotland Yard, secret police, Schutzstaffel, SS, posse, posse comitatus, administrative law, canon law, ecclesiastical law, civil law, common law, case law, precedent, international law, law of nations, law of the land, maritime law, admiralty law, martial law, mercantile law, commercial law, law merchant, military law, Mosaic law, Law of Moses, shariah, shariah law, sharia, sharia law, Islamic law, statutory law, securities law, tax law


Part Meronyms: theory, jurisprudence


Derivational Morphology: patrol, police


Anagrams: awl


Language Translations:
Albanian: ligj   Catalan: llei  
Croatian: zakon   Danish: jura and lov  
Dutch: recht and wet   Esperanto: leĝo  
Estonian: reegel and seadus   Finnish: laki  
French: droit and loi   German: Gesetz and Recht  
Hebrew: דין   Hungarian: törvény  
Italian: diritto and legge   Japanese: and 法則 and 法律  
Korean: and 법률 and 법칙   Kurdish: dad and qanûn  
Latin: ius and lex   Malayalam: നിയമം  
Polish: prawo and reguła   Portuguese: direito and lei  
Romanian: drept and lege   Russian: закон and право  
Serbian: zakon   Slovene: pravo and zakon  
Spanish: derecho and ley   Swedish: lag and rätt and regel  
Telugu: చట్టము and నియమము and న్యాయశాస్త్రము and సిద్ధాంతము and సూత్రము  
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