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  Definition of Mean
  1. an average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n
  2. have in mind as a purpose; "I mean no harm"; "I only meant to help you"; "She didn''t think to harm me"; "We thought to return early that night"
  3. destine or designate for a certain purpose; "These flowers were meant for you"
  4. intend to refer to; "I''m thinking of good food when I talk about France"; "Yes, I meant you when I complained about people who gossip!"
  5. denote or connote; "`maison'' means `house'' in French"; "An example sentence would show what this word means"
  6. mean or intend to express or convey; "You never understand what I mean!"; "what do his words intend?"
  7. have as a logical consequence; "The water shortage means that we have to stop taking long showers"
  8. have a specified degree of importance; "My ex-husband means nothing to me"; "Happiness means everything"
  9. used of sums of money; so small in amount as to deserve contempt
  10. used of persons or behavior; characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity; "a mean person"; "he left a miserly tip"
  11. characterized by malice; "a hateful thing to do"; "in a mean mood"
  12. having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality; "that liberal obedience without which your army would be a base rabble"- Edmund Burke; "taking a mean advantage"; "chok''d with ambition of the meaner sort"- Shakespeare; "something essentially vulga
  13. marked by poverty befitting a beggar; "a beggarly existence in the slums"; "a mean hut"
  14. excellent; "famous for a mean backhand"
Similar Words: mean value, intend, think, think of, have in mind, signify, stand for, entail, imply, beggarly, mingy, miserly, tight, hateful, base, meanspirited


Hyponyms: arithmetic mean, first moment, expectation, expected value, geometric mean, harmonic mean, design, plan, be after, aim, purpose, purport, propose, mention, advert, bring up, cite, name, refer, typify, symbolize, symbolise, stand for, represent, denote, signify, spell, import, drive, get


Grouped Verbs: signify


Derivational Morphology: intention, purpose, intent, aim, design, meaning, significance, signification, import, sign, form, word form, signifier, descriptor, substance, purport, spirit, deduction, entailment, implication


Anagrams: name, mane, Amen


Language Translations:
Danish: betyde   Dutch: bedoelen and betekenen and gemeen and gemiddeld and gemiddelde and willen doen  
Esperanto: intenci and kruela and meza and voli diri   Finnish: aikoa and ilkeä and keski- and keskiarvo and tarkoittaa  
French: avoir l'intention and moyen and moyenne and signifier and vouloir dire   German: beabsichtigen and bedeuten and gemein and meinen and Mittel and Mittel-  
Greek: άγριος and μέσος   Indonesian: rata-rata  
Interlingua: media and medie   Italian: media and medio and significare and voler dire and volere  
Japanese: どうかしている and 平均 and 平均の and 意味する and 意図する   Polish: chcieć and znaczyć  
Portuguese: mau and média and médio and querer dizer and significar and tencionar   Romanian: a semnifica and a vrea să spună and mijloc and vrea  
Russian: злой and значить and иметь в виду and средний   Spanish: malo and media and medio and pretender and querer and significar  
Swedish: betyda and elak and genomsnitt and genomsnittlig and mena and tänka  
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