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  Definition of Monocot genus

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Similar Words: liliopsid genus


Hyponyms: liliid monocot genus, Juncus, genus Juncus, genus Arum, Acorus, genus Acorus, Aglaonema, genus Aglaonema, genus Alocasia, genus Amorphophallus, genus Anthurium, Arisaema, genus Arisaema, Arisarum, genus Arisarum, genus Caladium, Calla, genus Calla, Colocasia, genus Colocasia, genus Cryptocoryne, Dieffenbachia, genus Dieffenbachia, genus Dracontium, Dracunculus, genus Dracunculus, Epipremnum, genus Epipremnum, Lysichiton, genus Lysichiton, Lysichitum, genus Lysichitum, genus Monstera, genus Nephthytis, Orontium, genus Orontium, Peltandra, genus Peltandra, genus Philodendron, genus Pistia, Scindapsus, genus Scindapsus, genus Pothos, genus Spathiphyllum, Symplocarpus, genus Symplocarpus, Syngonium, genus Syngonium, Xanthosoma, genus Xanthosoma, Zantedeschia, genus Zantedeschia, Lemna, genus Lemna, Spirodela, genus Spirodela, Wolffia, genus Wolffia, Wolffiella, genus Wolffiella, genus Orchis, genus Aerides, genus Angrecum, Angraecum, genus Angraecum, Anoectochilus, genus Anoectochilus, Aplectrum, genus Aplectrum, genus Arethusa, genus Bletia, Bletilla, genus Bletilla, genus Brassavola, Brassia, genus Brassia, genus Caladenia, genus Calanthe, Calopogon, genus Calopogon, genus Calypso, Catasetum, genus Catasetum, genus Cattleya, Cephalanthera, genus Cephalanthera, Cleistes, genus Cleistes, Coeloglossum, genus Coeloglossum, genus Coelogyne, Corallorhiza, genus Corallorhiza, Coryanthes, genus Coryanthes, Cycnoches, genus Cycnoches, genus Cymbidium, Cypripedium, genus Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, genus Dactylorhiza, genus Dendrobium, genus Disa, Dracula, genus Dracula, Dryadella, genus Dryadella, Eburophyton, genus Eburophyton, Encyclia, genus Encyclia, Epidendrum, genus Epidendrum, Epipactis, genus Epipactis, Glossodia, genus Glossodia, Goodyera, genus Goodyera, Grammatophyllum, genus Grammatophyllum, Gymnadenia, genus Gymnadenia, Gymnadeniopsis, genus Gymnadeniopsis, Habenaria, genus Habenaria, Hexalectris, genus Hexalectris, Himantoglossum, genus Himantoglossum, genus Laelia, genus Liparis, Listera, genus Listera, Malaxis, genus Malaxis, genus Masdevallia, genus Maxillaria, Miltonia, genus Miltonia, genus Odontoglossum, genus Oncidium, Ophrys, genus Ophrys, Paphiopedilum, genus Paphiopedilum, genus Phaius, Phalaenopsis, genus Phalaenopsis, Pholidota, genus Pholidota, Phragmipedium, genus Phragmipedium, Platanthera, genus Platanthera, Plectorrhiza, genus Plectorrhiza, Pleione, genus Pleione, genus Pleurothallis, genus Pogonia, Psychopsis, genus Psychopsis, Pterostylis, genus Pterostylis, Rhyncostylis, genus Rhyncostylis, Sarcochilus, genus Sarcochilus, Scaphosepalum, genus Scaphosepalum, Schomburgkia, genus Schomburgkia, Selenipedium, genus Selenipedium, genus Sobralia, Spiranthes, genus Spiranthes, genus Stanhopea, genus Stelis, Trichoceros, genus Trichoceros, genus Vanda, genus Vanilla, Burmannia, genus Burmannia, Aegilops, genus Aegilops, Agropyron, genus Agropyron, Alopecurus, genus Alopecurus, Andropogon, genus Andropogon, Arundo, genus Arundo, Bromus, genus Bromus, Bouteloua, genus Bouteloua, Buchloe, genus Buchloe, Calamagrostis, genus Calamagrostis, Cenchrus, genus Cenchrus, Chloris, genus Chloris, Cortaderia, genus Cortaderia, Cynodon, genus Cynodon, Dactylis, genus Dactylis, Dactyloctenium, genus Dactyloctenium, Digitaria, genus Digitaria, Echinochloa, genus Echinochloa, Eleusine, genus Eleusine, Elymus, genus Elymus, Eragrostis, genus Eragrostis, Erianthus, genus Erianthus, Festuca, genus Festuca, Glyceria, genus Glyceria, Holcus, genus Holcus, Hordeum, genus Hordeum, Leymus, genus Leymus, Lolium, genus Lolium, Muhlenbergia, genus Muhlenbergia, Oryza, genus Oryza, Oryzopsis, genus Oryzopsis, Panicum, genus Panicum, genus Paspalum, Pennisetum, genus Pennisetum, Phalaris, genus Phalaris, Phleum, genus Phleum, Phragmites, genus Phragmites, Poa, genus Poa, Saccharum, genus Saccharum, Schizachyrium, genus Schizachyrium, Secale, genus Secale, Setaria, genus Setaria, genus Sorghum, Spartina, genus Spartina, Sporobolus, genus Sporobolus, Stenotaphrum, genus Stenotaphrum, Triticum, genus Triticum, Zea, genus Zea, Zizania, genus Zizania, genus Zoysia, Zoisia, genus Zoisia, Bambusa, genus Bambusa, Arundinaria, genus Arundinaria, Dendrocalamus, genus Dendrocalamus, Phyllostachys, genus Phyllostachys, Cyperus, genus Cyperus, Carex, genus Carex, Eriophorum, genus Eriophorum, Scirpus, genus Scirpus, Eleocharis, genus Eleocharis, genus Pandanus, Typha, genus Typha, Sparganium, genus Sparganium, Haemodorum, genus Haemodorum, Anigozanthus, genus Anigozanthus, genus Canna, genus Maranta, Musa, genus Musa, Ensete, genus Ensete, Strelitzia, genus Strelitzia, genus Ravenala, Zingiber, genus Zingiber, Curcuma, genus Curcuma, Elettaria, genus Elettaria, Acrocomia, genus Acrocomia, genus Areca, Attalea, genus Attalea, Borassus, genus Borassus, genus Calamus, Caryota, genus Caryota, Ceroxylon, genus ceroxylon, Cocos, genus Cocos, Copernicia, genus Copernicia, genus Corozo, Corypha, genus Corypha, Elaeis, genus Elaeis, Euterpe, genus Euterpe, Metroxylon, genus Metroxylon, Nipa, genus Nipa, Nypa, genus Nypa, Orbignya, genus Orbignya, Phoenicophorium, genus Phoenicophorium, Phoenix, genus Phoenix, Raffia, genus Raffia, Raphia, genus Raphia, Rhapis, genus Rhapis, Roystonea, genus Roystonea, Sabal, genus Sabal, Serenoa, genus Serenoa, Thrinax, genus Thrinax, Xyris, genus Xyris, genus Commelina, Tradescantia, genus Tradescantia, Ananas, genus Ananas, Bromelia, Tillandsia, genus Tillandsia, Mayaca, genus Mayaca, Eriocaulon, genus Eriocaulon, Pontederia, genus Pontederia, Eichhornia, genus Eichhornia, Heteranthera, genus Heteranthera, Naias, genus Naias, Najas, genus Najas, Alisma, genus Alisma, Sagittaria, genus Sagittaria, Hydrocharis, genus Hydrocharis, genus Hydrilla, Limnobium, genus Limnobium, Elodea, genus Elodea, pondweed, ditchmoss, Egeria, genus Egeria, Vallisneria, genus Vallisneria, Potamogeton, genus Potamogeton, Groenlandia, genus Groenlandia, Triglochin, genus Triglochin, Zannichellia, genus Zannichellia, Zostera, genus Zostera


Member Meronyms: Monocotyledones, class Monocotyledones, Monocotyledonae, class Monocotyledonae, Liliopsida, class Liliopsida


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