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  Definition of burn
  1. damage inflicted by burning
  2. a burned place or area
  3. an injury cause by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation
  4. a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun
  5. pain that feels hot as if it were on fire
  6. get a sunburn by overexposure to the sun
  7. burn with heat, fire, or radiation; "The iron burnt a hole in my dress"
  8. burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent; "The surgeon cauterized the wart"
  9. undergo combustion; "Maple wood burns well"
  10. cause to undergo combustion; "burn garbage"; "The car burns only Diesel oil"
  11. destroy by fire; "They burned the house and his diaries"
  12. use up (energy); "burn off calories through vigorous exercise"
  13. create by duplicating data; "cut a disk"; "burn a CD"
  14. feel strong emotion, especially anger or passion; "She was burning with anger"; "He was burning to try out his new skies"
  15. cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "The sun burned his face"
  16. feel hot or painful; "My eyes are burning"
  17. spend (significant amounts of money); "He has money to burn"
  18. burn at the stake; "Witches were burned in Salem"
  19. cause to burn or combust; "The sun burned off the fog"; "We combust coal and other fossil fuels"
  20. shine intensely, as if with heat; "The coals were glowing in the dark"; "The candles were burning"
Similar Words: burn mark, tan, suntan, sunburn, burning, cauterize, cauterise, combust, incinerate, fire, burn down, burn off, burn up, cut, bite, sting, glow


Hyponyms: scald, cigarette burn, electric burn, scorch, singe, first-degree burn, second-degree burn, third-degree burn, char, blacken, burn down, burn up, go up, smolder, smoulder, sear, deflagrate, flame, flare, flame up, blaze up, blaze, backfire, cremate, torch, nettle, urticate, ignite, light, set ablaze, set aflame, set on fire, set afire, coal, gutter


Grouped Verbs: fire, burn down, incinerate, combust, cut, bite, sting, erupt, ignite, catch fire, take fire, conflagrate


Entailments: sear, scorch, fire, burn down


Derivational Morphology: incinerate, combust, fire, burn down, cauterize, cauterise, sunburn, suntan, tan, bronze, bite, sting, erythema solare, burn mark, cautery, cauterization, cauterisation, cauterant, combustion, burning, incineration, incinerator, burner, flame, flaming, stinging, stinger, incandescence, glow


Language Translations:
Albanian: djegje   Bosnian: gorjeti  
Breton: devi   Chinese:  
Croatian: gorjeti and opeklina and opeći and paljenje and zapaliti   Danish: afbrænding and brandsår and brænde  
Dutch: branden and brandwonde and opbranden and verbranden   Esperanto: bruli and bruligi and brulo and brulvundo  
Finnish: palaa and palovamma and polttaa and polttaminen   French: brûler  
German: Brandwunde and brennen and verbrennen and Verbrennung   Hebrew: כוויה and להישרף and לשרוף  
Hungarian: ég and égés and éget and megéget   Icelandic: brenna  
Indonesian: bakar   Italian: bruciare and bruciatura  
Japanese: やけど and やけどする and 燃える and 燃やす   Norwegian: brannsår and brenne and forbrenne and forbrenning  
Polish: palić się   Portuguese: queimadura and queimar  
Russian: гореть and жечь and обжигать and ожог and сжигание   Serbian: goreti  
Slovene: goreti and opeklina and prižiganje and zažgati   Spanish: quemadura and quemar  
Swedish: bränna and brännskada and brinna and förbränning   Telugu: కాలు and కాల్చు and తగులబెట్టు  
Vietnamese: đốt  
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