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  Definition of Circle
  1. movement once around a course; "he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
  2. any circular or rotating mechanism; "the machine punched out metal circles"
  3. a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house; usually the first tier above the orchestra; "they had excellent seats in the dress circle"
  4. street names for flunitrazepan
  5. a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island; "the accident blocked all traffic at the rotary"
  6. an unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"
  7. ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length; a plane curve generated by one point moving at a constant distance from a fixed point; "he calculated the circumference of the circle"
  8. something approximating the shape of a circle; "the chairs were arranged in a circle"
  9. form a circle around; "encircle the errors"
  10. travel around something; "circle the globe"
  11. move in circles
  12. be around; "Developments surround the town"; "The river encircles the village"
Similar Words: lap, circuit, round, dress circle, R-2, Mexican valium, rophy, rope, roofy, roach, forget me drug, traffic circle, rotary, roundabout, set, band, lot, encircle, circulate, surround, environ, ring


Hyponyms: pace lap, victory lap, lap of honour, disk, disc, car pool, clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, pack, camp, cohort, conspiracy, confederacy, Four Hundred, horsy set, horsey set, jet set, party, company, circle of curvature, osculating circle, circlet, equator, epicycle, circumambulate, walk around, circumnavigate, compass, revolve around, circle around, circle round, orbit, revolve, troll, loop, twine, wreath, wreathe, girth, girt, begird, gird, cloister


Part Meronyms: theater, theatre, house, road, route


Derivational Morphology: circulate, round, surround, environ, encircle, ring, blockade, encirclement, lap, circuit, halo, annulus, anulus, doughnut, anchor ring, environment, environs, surroundings


Anagrams: cleric


Language Translations:
Breton: kelc'h   Catalan: òrbita and cercle and disc  
Chinese: 畫圓圈 and 運轉 and 軌道 and 圈子 and 圍著 and and 圓形 and and 旋轉   Danish: cirkel and kreds and kredsløb and omkredse and sætte ring om  
Dutch: baan and cirkel and cirkelen and kring and omcirkelen   Esperanto: cirklo and rondo  
Finnish: kaari and kiertää and piiri and rata and ympäröidä and ympyrä   French: cercle and cercler and disque and entourer  
Georgian: მრუდე ხაზი and ორბიტი and წრე   German: einkreisen and Kreis and kreisen and umkreisen and Zirkel  
Greek: κύκλος   Hebrew: חוג and להסתובב and להקיף and להקיף בעיגול and לסוב and מסלול and מעגל and סיבוב  
Hungarian: kör and körlap   Icelandic: hringur  
Italian: cerchiare and cerchio and circolo and circondare and curva and disco and orbita and ruotare   Japanese: サークル and and 円形 and 周遊する and 回る  
Latin: circulus and corona and orbis   Malayalam: ഭ്രമണ പഥം and വട്ടം and വൃത്തം  
Norwegian: sirkel   Portuguese: círculo and circular and circundar  
Russian: круг and кружить and кружиться and окружать and окружность and орбита   Slovak: krúžiť and kruh and kružnica and zakrúžkovať  
Slovene: krog and krožnica   Spanish: órbita and círculo and circular and curva and moverse en círculo and rodear  
Swedish: cirkel and cirkla and krets and omge and ringa in   Telugu: కక్ష్య and వృత్తము  
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