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Similar Words: exercise set, stage set, readiness, bent, circle, band, lot, Set, Seth, hardening, solidifying, solidification, curing, dress, arrange, do, coif, coiffe, coiffure, fructify, adjust, correct, fix, prepare, set up, ready, gear up, lay out, rig, jell, congeal, place, put, determine, specify, limit, mark, sic, pose, position, lay, countersink, plant, localize, localise, go down, go under, hardened, fixed, rigid, laid, located, placed, situated, determined, dictated


See Also: advance, set ahead, cancel, offset, set off, set up, lay out, trip, actuate, trigger, activate, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off, assign, specify, set apart, allow, appropriate, earmark, set aside, reserve, incite, instigate, stir up, range, array, set out, drop, set down, put down, unload, discharge, set back, knock back, put back, rig, ensnare, entrap, frame, disembark, debark, assemble, piece, put together, tack, tack together, raise, erect, rear, put up, arrange, postpone, prorogue, hold over, put over, table, shelve, defer, remit, put off, replace, land, bring down, imprison, incarcerate, lag, immure, put behind bars, jail, jug, gaol, put away, remand, put on, apply, post, lay, repose, communicate, pass on, pass, put across


Hyponyms: receiver, receiving system, transmitter, sender, scenery, scene, dentition, teeth, singleton, pair, brace, trio, triad, triplet, quartet, quartette, quadruplet, quintet, quintette, sextet, sextette, sestet, septet, septette, octet, octette, chess set, manicure set, union, sum, join, intersection, product, cartesian product, field, bracket, conjugation, suite, choir, consort, core, nucleus, core group, score, threescore, synset, interval, group, mathematical group, locus, subset, null set, Mandelbrot set, mathematical space, topological space, solution, root, diagonal, domain, car pool, clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, pack, camp, cohort, conspiracy, confederacy, Four Hundred, horsy set, horsey set, jet set, party, company, congealment, congelation, bob, wave, proportion, modulate, temper, tune, tune up, calibrate, graduate, fine-tune, time, trim, zero, zero in, readjust, reset, attune, regulate, focus, focalize, focalise, sharpen, synchronize, synchronise, sync, pressurize, pressurise, depressurize, depressurise, decompress, match, fit, plumb, align, ordinate, coordinate, harmonize, harmonise, reconcile, linearize, linearise, justify, citify, advance, set ahead, pitch, keynote, socialize, socialise, provide, cram, precondition, fix, mount, set up, lay out, winterize, winterise, summerize, summerise, prime, cultivate, crop, work, poise, identify, place, date, value, filiate, format, charge, initialize, initialise, tax, assess, price, quantify, name, define, insert, enclose, inclose, stick in, put in, introduce, docket, cock, postpose, prepose, step, replace, put back, stratify, plant, intersperse, nestle, snuggle, pile, arrange, superimpose, superpose, lay over, park, ensconce, settle, emplace, ship, underlay, trench, pigeonhole, shelve, jar, repose, stick, put forward, sign, middle, parallelize, butt, recess, reposition, throw, thrust, tee, tee up, rack up, coffin, bed, appose, set down, put down, place down, sow, sough, seed, misplace, juxtapose, bottle, bucket, barrel, ground, pillow, rest, mislay, lose, upend, seat, sit, sit down, lay, stand, stand up, place upright, recline, install, instal, situate, posit, deposit, ladle, lean, clap, perch, load, siphon, position, glycerolize, glycerolise, space, marshal, settle down, imbricate, puddle, checkrow, dibble, afforest, forest, replant, prearrange, put, transpose, tabularize, tabularise, tabulate


Grouped Verbs: dress, groom, curry


Part Meronyms: communication system, communication equipment, mise en scene, stage setting, setting, plastination


Derivational Morphology: plant, localize, localise, place, put, pose, position, lay, set up, lay out, fix, prepare, ready, gear up, specify, determine, limit, cure, jell, congeal, solidify, harden, indurate, hairdo, hair style, coiffure, arrangement, fructification, fruit, adjustment, registration, readjustment, adjuster, adjustor, claims adjuster, claims adjustor, claim agent, setting, readiness, preparation, readying, preparedness, place setting, rig, rigging, rigger, tackle, congealment, congelation, hardening, solidifying, solidification, curing, bent, decision, determination, conclusion, terminus ad quem, terminal point, bounds, boundary, determiner, determinative, determinant, determining factor, causal factor, bell ringer, bull's eye, mark, home run, placement, location, locating, positioning, emplacement, rotary actuator, positioner, space, blank space, topographic point, spot, countersink, flora, plant life, planter, planting, mount, arranger, adapter, transcriber, localization, localisation, venue, locale, locus


Anagrams: EST


Language Translations:
Danish: gå ned and mængde and samling and sætte   Dutch: ondergaan and set and verzameling and zetten  
Esperanto: ensemblo and meti and subiri   Finnish: asettaa and joukko and laskea and sarja  
French: coucher and ensemble and jeu and mettre   German: Menge and Set and setzen and untergehen  
Greek: σύνολο and σειρά and βάζω   Hebrew: להניח and לשקוע  
Hungarian: halmaz   Icelandic: mengi  
Italian: deporre and insieme   Japanese: セットする  
Korean: 두다   Latin: pono  
Latvian: komplekts and kopa   Norwegian: putte  
Portuguese: conjunto   Russian: множество and набор  
Slovene: množica and postaviti and zaiti   Spanish: batería and conjunto and poner  
Swedish: gå ned and mängd and sätta   Vietnamese: bộ and lặn and tập hợp and để  
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