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  Definition of Iron
  1. home appliance consisting of a flat metal base that is heated and used to smooth cloth
  2. a golf club that has a relatively narrow metal head
  3. implement used to brand live stock
  4. metal shackles; for hands or legs
  5. a heavy ductile magnetic metallic element; is silver-white in pure form but readily rusts; used in construction and tools and armament; plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood
  6. press and smooth with a heated iron; "press your shirts"
  7. extremely robust; "an iron constitution"
Similar Words: smoothing iron, branding iron, irons, chain, chains, Fe, atomic number 26, iron out, cast-iron


Hyponyms: flatiron, goffer, gauffer, steam iron, travel iron, driving iron, one iron, long iron, mashie, five iron, mashie niblick, seven iron, midiron, two iron, niblick, nine iron, putter, putting iron, short iron, wedge, alpha iron, beta iron, gamma iron, delta iron, ingot iron, cast iron, wrought iron, galvanized iron, pig iron, scrap iron, structural iron, mangle


Entailments: heat, heat up


Substance Meronyms: steel, iron ore


Derivational Morphology: iron out, smoothing iron, ironing


Language Translations:
Afrikaans: yster   Albanian: hekur  
Armenian: երկաթ   Basque: burdin  
Belarusian: жалеза   Bosnian: pegla and peglati and željezo  
Breton: feriñ and houarn   Bulgarian: гладя and железен and желязо and ютия  
Catalan: de ferro and ferro and planxa and planxar   Chinese: and 熨斗 and and 鐵製的  
Croatian: glačalo and željezo   Danish: jern and jern- and stryge and strygejern  
Dutch: ijzeren and strijken and strijkijzer and ijzer   Esperanto: fero and gladi and gladilo  
Estonian: raud   Finnish: rauta and rautainen and silittää and silitysrauta  
French: de fer and fer and fer à repasser and repasser   Frisian: izer  
Galician: ferro   Georgian: რკინა  
German: Bügeleisen and bügeln and Eisen and eisern   Greek: σίδερο and σιδερώνω and σιδηρούς  
Hebrew: ברזל and מגהץ   Hindi: लोहा  
Hungarian: vas and vasaló   Icelandic: járn and straujárn  
Ido: fero   Indonesian: besi and setrika  
Interlingua: de ferro and ferro and repassar   Irish: iarann  
Italian: ferreo and ferro and stirare   Japanese: アイロン and  
Korean: 다리미 and   Kurdish: ئاسن  
Latin: (ferrum and ferreus and ferrum   Latvian: dzelzs  
Lithuanian: geležis   Macedonian: железо  
Malay: besi   Malayalam: ഇരുമ്പ്  
Maltese: ħadid   Norwegian: strykejern  
Polish: prasować and żelazko and żelazny and żelazo   Portuguese: de ferro and ferro and passar  
Romanian: călca and de fier and fier and fier de călcat   Russian: гладить and железный and железо and утюг  
Slovak: hladidlo and žehliť and železný and železo   Slovene: likati and železo  
Spanish: hierro and plancha and planchar   Swahili: chuma  
Swedish: järn and järn- and stryka and strykjärn   Tagalog: bakal  
Tamil: இரும்பு   Telugu: ఇనుము and ఇస్త్రీ  
Turkish: ütü and ütülemek and demir   Ukrainian: залiзо and залізний and праска and прасувати  
Vietnamese: sát   Welsh: haearn  
Yiddish: eizn  
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