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  Definition of Chain
  1. a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
  2. a necklace made by a stringing objects together; "a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls";
  3. anything that acts as a restraint
  4. metal shackles; for hands or legs
  5. a number of similar establishments (stores or restaurants or banks or hotels or theaters) under one ownership
  6. a series of things depending on each other as if linked together; "the chain of command"; "a complicated concatenation of circumstances"
  7. (chemistry) a series of linked atoms (generally in an organic molecule)
  8. a series of hills or mountains; "the valley was between two ranges of hills"; "the plains lay just beyond the mountain range"
  9. British biochemist (born in Germany) who isolated and purified penicillin, which had been discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming (1906-1979)
  10. a unit of length
  11. fasten or secure with chains; "Chain the chairs together"
  12. connect or arrange into a chain by linking
Similar Words: string, strand, iron, irons, chains, concatenation, chemical chain, range, mountain range, range of mountains, mountain chain, chain of mountains, Chain, Ernst Boris Chain, Sir Ernst Boris Chain


Hyponyms: anchor chain, bicycle chain, chatelaine, fob, watch chain, watch guard, paper chain, pull chain, tire chains, snow chains, apparel chain, discount chain, restaurant chain, retail chain, catena, daisy chain, closed chain, ring, open chain, Adirondacks, Adirondack Mountains, Admiralty Range, Alaska Range, Alleghenies, Allegheny Mountains, Alps, the Alps, Andes, Apennines, Appalachians, Appalachian Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Australian Alps, Balkans, Balkan Mountains, Balkan Mountain Range, Berkshires, Berkshire Hills, Black Hills, Blue Ridge Mountains, Blue Ridge, Cantabrian Mountains, Carpathians, Carpathian Mountains, Cascades, Cascade Range, Cascade Mountains, Catskills, Catskill Mountains, Caucasus, Caucasus Mountains, Coast Range, Coast Mountains, Cumberland Mountains, Cumberland Plateau, Dolomite Alps, Great Dividing Range, Eastern Highlands, Great Smoky Mountains, Guadalupe Mountains, Himalayas, Himalaya Mountains, the Himalaya, Hindu Kush, Hindu Kush Mountains, Karakoram, Karakoram Range, Karakorum Range, Mustagh, Mustagh Range, Kunlun, Kunlun Mountains, Kuenlun, Kuenlun Mountains, Mesabi Range, Mount Carmel, Nan Ling, Ozarks, Ozark Mountains, Ozark Plateau, Pyrenees, Rhodope Mountains, Rockies, Rocky Mountains, Sacramento Mountains, San Juan Mountains, Selkirk Mountains, sierra, Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Nevada, Sierra Nevada Mountains, High Sierra, St. Elias Range, St. Elias Mountains, Teton Range, Tien Shan, Tyan Shan, Urals, Ural Mountains, Gunter's chain, engineer's chain, nautical chain, concatenate


Part Meronyms: chain printer, chain tongs, chain wrench, bicycle, bike, wheel, cycle, molecule


Derivational Morphology: string, thread, draw, catenate, catenulate


Anagrams: china, China, Chian


Language Translations:
Breton: chadenn   Bulgarian: верига  
Chinese:   Dutch: aaneenschakeling and keten and ketting  
Esperanto: ĉeno   Finnish: ketju  
French: chaîne   Georgian: ჯაჭვი  
German: Kette   Hebrew: רשת and שרשרת  
Hungarian: lánc   Italian: catena  
Japanese: チェーン and 連続 and   Korean: 사슬  
Latin: catena   Latvian: ķēde  
Malay: rantai and rentetan   Polish: sieć and łańcuch  
Portuguese: cadeia   Russian: сеть and цепь  
Serbian: lanac   Slovene: veriga  
Spanish: cadena   Swedish: kedja  
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