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Similar Words: point, full stop, stop, full point, menstruation, menses, menstruum, catamenia, flow, time period, period of time, geological period, historic period, historical period


Hyponyms: suspension point, menorrhagia, hypermenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, trial period, test period, time frame, hours, downtime, uptime, work time, time off, hospitalization, travel time, time, elapsed time, duration, continuance, week, calendar week, field day, life, lifetime, lifespan, millennium, bimillennium, bimillenary, occupation, past, shelf life, puerperium, lactation, time of life, calendar day, civil day, festival, day, daytime, daylight, morning, morn, morning time, forenoon, night, nighttime, dark, eve, evening, hebdomad, fortnight, two weeks, weekend, Indian summer, Saint Martin's summer, year, school, schooltime, school day, twelvemonth, yr, semester, bimester, Olympiad, lustrum, decade, decennary, decennium, century, half-century, quarter-century, quarter, phase of the moon, calendar month, month, mid-January, mid-February, mid-March, mid-April, mid-May, mid-June, mid-July, mid-August, mid-September, mid-October, mid-November, mid-December, time limit, term, trimester, hour, silly season, Golden Age, silver age, bronze age, Bronze Age, iron age, Iron Age, Stone Age, Eolithic Age, Eolithic, Paleolithic Age, Paleolithic, Palaeolithic, Lower Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic, Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic Age, Mesolithic, Epipaleolithic, Neolithic Age, Neolithic, New Stone Age, great year, Platonic year, regulation time, overtime, extra time, season, time of year, dog days, canicule, canicular days, midwinter, long time, age, years, long run, long haul, drought, era, epoch, generation, prehistory, prehistoric culture, reign, run, youth, early days, dawn, sleep, nap, lease, term of a contract, half life, half-life, tide, lunar time period, phase, stage, multistage, watch, peacetime, wartime, enlistment, hitch, term of enlistment, tour of duty, duty tour, tour, honeymoon, indiction, Depression, the Depression, the Great Depression, prohibition, prohibition era, incubation period, rainy day, novitiate, noviciate, flower, prime, peak, heyday, bloom, blossom, efflorescence, flush, running time, historic period, historical period, clotting time, air alert, question time, real time, study hall, usance, window, Quaternary, Quaternary period, Age of Man, Tertiary, Tertiary period, Cretaceous, Cretaceous period, Jurassic, Jurassic period, Triassic, Triassic period, Permian, Permian period, Carboniferous, Carboniferous period, Pennsylvanian, Pennsylvanian period, Upper Carboniferous, Upper Carboniferous period, Mississippian, Missippian period, Lower Carboniferous, Lower Carboniferous period, Devonian, Devonian period, Age of Fishes, Silurian, Silurian period, Ordovician, Ordovician period, Cambrian, Cambrian period, ice age, glacial period, glacial epoch, orbit period


Part Meronyms: era, geological era


Derivational Morphology: point, menstruate, flow


Language Translations:
Albanian: periodike and periudhë and pikë   Bosnian: tačka  
Croatian: period and točka   Dutch: periode and punt  
Finnish: kausi and piste   French: période and point  
Greek: περίοδος and τελεία and εποχή   Hungarian: időszak and periódus and pont  
Norwegian: periode and punktum   Polish: kropka and okres  
Portuguese: período and ponto   Russian: период and точка  
Slovak: bodka and perióda   Slovene: doba and pika  
Swedish: period and punkt   Tagalog: tuldok  
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