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  Definition of Present
  1. a verb tense that expresses actions or states at the time of speaking
  2. something presented as a gift; "his tie was a present from his wife"
  3. the period of time that is happening now; any continuous stretch of time including the moment of speech; "that is enough for the present"; "he lives in the present with no thought of tomorrow"
  4. bring forward and present to the mind; "We presented the arguments to him"; "We cannot represent this knowledge to our formal reason"
  5. recognize with a gesture prescribed by a miltary regulation; assume a prescribed position; "When the officers show up, the soldiers have to salute"
  6. cause to come to know personally; "permit me to acquaint you with my son"; "introduce the new neighbors to the community"
  7. formally present a debutante, a representative of a country, etc.
  8. deliver (a speech, oration, or idea); "The commencement speaker presented a forceful speech that impressed the students"
  9. present somebody with something, usually to accuse or criticize; "We confronted him with the evidence"; "He was faced with all the evidence and could no longer deny his actions"; "An enormous dilemma faces us"
  10. represent in a painting, drawing, sculpture, or verbally; "The father is portrayed as a good-looking man in this painting"
  11. perform (a play), especially on a stage; "we are going to stage `Othello''"
  12. show or demonstrate something to an interested audience; "She shows her dogs frequently"; "We will demo the new software in Washington"
  13. give as a present; make a gift of; "What will you give her for her birthday?"
  14. give, especially as a reward; "bestow honors and prizes at graduation"
  15. hand over formally
  16. introduce; "This poses an interesting question"
  17. spatial sense; being or existing in a specified place; "the murderer is present in this room"; "present at the wedding"; "present at the creation"
Similar Words: present tense, nowadays, represent, lay out, salute, introduce, acquaint, deliver, confront, face, portray, stage, show, demo, exhibit, demonstrate, give, gift, award, submit, pose


Hyponyms: historical present, birthday present, birthday gift, Christmas present, Christmas gift, wedding present, wedding gift, now, here and now, present moment, moment, date, times, modern times, present time, modern world, contemporary world, time being, nonce, today, tonight, argue, reason, indicate, spin, reacquaint, reintroduce, re-introduce, introduce, bring out, speechify, commend, set, localize, localise, place, bring home, endow, dower, distribute, give out, hand out, give away, raffle, raffle off, tip, fee, bung, bequeath, will, leave, surrender, cede, deliver, give up, grant, deed over, treat, donate, tender, render, submit, certificate, confer, bestow, bring in


Grouped Verbs: familiarize, familiarise, acquaint, confront, face up, face


Attributes: presence


Entailments: gesticulate, gesture, motion


Derivational Morphology: submit, representation, mental representation, internal representation, presentation, salute, military greeting, acquaintance, familiarity, conversance, conversancy, introduction, intro, presenter, sponsor, manner of speaking, speech, delivery, face, facing, confrontation, presentment, demonstration, display, portraitist, portrait painter, portrayer, limner, portraiture, portrait, depicting, depiction, portraying, portrayal, delineation, theatrical performance, theatrical, histrionics, stage, stage manager, stager, theatrical production, staging, demo, demonstrator, exhibitor, exhibitioner, shower, show, screening, showing, viewing, exhibit, donor, giver, giving, gift, prize, award, accolade, honor, honour, laurels


Anagrams: serpent


Language Translations:
Chinese: 现在 and 礼物 and 提出   Dutch: aanwezig and geschenk and heden and tegenwoordig and voorstellen  
Esperanto: donaco and prezenti   Finnish: esittää and lahja and nykyhetki and nykyinen and paikalla  
French: cadeau and présent and présenter   German: anwesend and Gegenwart and gegenwärtig and Geschenk and präsentieren  
Greek: παρόν and παρών and παρουσιάζω and τωρινός   Hungarian: ajándék and bemutatni and jelen  
Italian: dono and presentare and presente   Japanese: 現在 and 進呈する and 贈り物  
Korean: 선물 and 선사하다 and 현재 and 현재의   Maltese: jippreżenta and preżent and rigal  
Portuguese: apresentar and presente   Romanian: cadou  
Russian: настоящее and нынешний and подарок and представлять and присутствующий   Slovene: darilo and predstaviti and prisoten and sedanji and sedanjost  
Spanish: presentar and presente and regalo   Swedish: föreställa and närvarande and nu and nuvarande and present  
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