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Similar Words: right field, rightfulness, right hand, right wing, correct, rectify, compensate, redress, proper, suitable, good, ripe, mighty, powerful, flop, right on, properly, decently, decent, in good order, the right way, correctly, aright, justly


See Also: compensate, counterbalance, correct, even out, even off, even up, accurate, proper, true, conservative, right-handed, ethical, good, just


Hyponyms: access, advowson, cabotage, claim, title, due, entree, accession, admittance, floor, grant, human right, legal right, preemption, pre-emption, prerogative, privilege, perquisite, exclusive right, representation, right of search, right of way, states' rights, voting right, water right, riparian right, religious right, hard right, stage right, right stage, rectify, remediate, remedy, repair, amend, debug, over-correct, overcompensate, expiate, aby, abye, atone


Pertainyms: proper, correct, just


Attributes: correctness, rightness, position, place


Part Meronyms: outfield


Derivational Morphology: compensate, redress, correct, correction, rectification, remedy, remediation, damages, amends, indemnity, indemnification, restitution, compensation, recompense


Anagrams: girth


Language Translations:
Albanian: djathtë   Bulgarian: верен and десен and десничарски and дясно and коригирам and перпендикулярен and прав and право  
Catalan: dret   Chinese: and 權利 and 正確  
Croatian: desni   Danish: højre and konservativ and ret and rette and rigtig  
Dutch: correct and recht and rechterkant and rechts and verbeteren   Esperanto: dekstra and korekta and rajto and rekta  
Estonian: õige and otse and parem   Finnish: korjata and oikea and oikeisto and suora  
French: correct and corriger and droit and droite   Galician: dereita and dereito  
German: berichtigen and gerade and Recht and Rechte and rechts and rechtwinklig and richtig   Greek: δεξιός  
Hebrew: ימין and של האגף הימני   Hungarian: egyenes and helyes and jobb and jobboldal and jog  
Icelandic: beint and hægri and rétt   Ido: dextra and dextro and korekta and yuro  
Indonesian: benar and hak and kanan and lurus and sayap   Interlingua: correcte and derecto and dextera and dextere  
Irish: deas   Italian: correggere and corretto and destro and diritto  
Japanese: まっすぐ and 訂正する and and 右翼 and 垂直 and 権利 and 正しい   Korean: 곧다 and 권리 and 오른 and 옳다  
Kurdish: ماف and راست   Latin: dexter and rectus  
Maltese: dritt and korett and lemin   Norwegian: høyre and høyre siden and rett and riktig  
Polish: poprawny and prawy   Portuguese: correto and corrigir and de direita and direita and direito and perpendicular  
Romanian: dreapta and dreaptă and drept   Russian: исправлять and перпендикулярный and правильный and право and правый and прямой  
Slovene: desni and desnica and desničarski and popravljati and pravi   Spanish: correcto and corregir and de la derecha and derecha and derecho and perpendicular  
Swedish: höger and höger- and högern and rak and rät and rätt and rätta   Telugu: కుడి and లంబ and సరైన  
Thai: ดิ่ว and ฝ่ายขวา and มุมฉาก   Turkish: düz and düzeltmek and dik and doğru and hak and sağ and tutucu  
Vietnamese: phải and thẳng and vuông góc   Welsh: reit  
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