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  Definition of Draw

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Similar Words: haul, haulage, draw poker, draw play, hook, hooking, lot, standoff, tie, drawing card, attraction, attractor, attracter, disembowel, eviscerate, make, describe, depict, cast, puff, drag, guide, run, pass, pull back, string, thread, pull, force, attract, pull in, draw in, absorb, suck, imbibe, soak up, sop up, suck up, take in, take up, trace, line, delineate, get, take out, pull out, get out, reap, withdraw, draw off, quarter, draw and quarter


See Also: wipe, pass over, circulate, circularize, circularise, distribute, disseminate, propagate, broadcast, spread, diffuse, disperse, pass around, level, raze, rase, dismantle, tear down, take down, pull down, pluck, tweak, pull off, pick off, extract, pull out, pull, pull up, take out, draw out, shlep, schlep, pull along, attract, pull in, draw in, pull back, suck in, aspirate, frame, compose, draw up, educe, evoke, elicit


Hyponyms: tow, towage, dead heat, stalemate, suppurate, mature, represent, delineate, sketch, outline, adumbrate, rub, thread, bead, wire, twitch, pull back, adduct, abduct, stretch, pluck, plunk, pick, tug, drag, haul, hale, cart, attract, pull, pull in, draw in, yank, jerk, winch, tweak, pull off, pick off, hike up, hitch up, catch, arrest, get, retract, bring, wipe up, mop up, mop, blot, sponge up, construct, inscribe, circumscribe, write, pencil, limn, rule, chalk, project, crayon, check, checker, chequer, charcoal, doodle, diagram, plot, cartoon, shade, fill in, chalk out, milk, pump, siphon, syphon, siphon off, sluice, tap, suck, rack, deglycerolize, deglycerolise, unsheathe, cheque, check out, divert, hive off, overdraw, divest, disinvest


Grouped Verbs: pucker, rumple, cockle, crumple, knit, make, string, thread, run, lead, pull back, guide, pass, pull, draw in, retract, curl up, curl, trace, line, describe, delineate, reap, pull out, get out, take out, withdraw, draw off, extract, pull up, draw out


Entailments: play, smoke


Derivational Morphology: haul, hale, cart, drag, pull, force, hook, cast, tie, attract, pull in, draw in, disembowelment, evisceration, lot, word picture, word-painting, delineation, depiction, picture, characterization, characterisation, description, roll, lottery, drawing, standoff, tier, puff, thread, yarn, bodkin, threader, chain, string, strand, twine, stringer, haulage, draft, draught, pulling, puller, tugger, dragger, drawing card, attraction, attractor, attracter, attractive feature, magnet, attractiveness, drinker, imbiber, toper, juicer, sucking, suck, suction, chump, fool, gull, mark, patsy, fall guy, sucker, soft touch, mug, absorption, soaking up, absorber, limning, line drawing, portrayal, line, outline, lineation, tracing, trace, tracer, draftsman, drawer, draftsmanship, drafting, drawing off, drawee, withdrawer, withdrawal, one-fourth, fourth, quarter, fourth part, twenty-five percent, quartern


Anagrams: ward, Ward


Language Translations:
Dutch: tekenen   Esperanto: desegni  
Finnish: piirtää   French: dessiner  
German: zeichnen   Greek: σχεδιάζω  
Ido: desegnar   Indonesian: lukis  
Italian: disegnare   Japanese: 描く  
Korean: 그리다   Norwegian: tegne  
Polish: rysować   Portuguese: desenhar  
Russian: рисовать   Spanish: dibujar  
Swedish: rita  
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