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  Definition of Cross
  1. (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids
  2. an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock; especially offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of different varieties or breeds or species; "a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey"
  3. a cross as an emblem of Christianity; used in heraldry
  4. a wooden structure consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece
  5. marking consisting of crossing lines
  6. any affliction that causes great suffering; "that is his cross to bear"; "he bears his afflictions like a crown of thorns"
  7. breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties; "cross a horse and a donkey"; "Mendel tried crossbreeding"; "these species do not interbreed"
  8. trace a line through or across; "cross your `t''"
  9. travel across or pass over; "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day"
  10. meet and pass; "the trains crossed"
  11. fold so as to resemble a cross; "she crossed her legs"
  12. meet at a point
  13. hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of; "What ultimately frustrated every challenger was Ruth''s amazing September surge"; "foil your opponent"
  14. to cover or extend over an area or time period; "Rivers traverse the valley floor", "The parking lot spans 3 acres"; "The novel spans three centuries"
  15. perversely irritable
Similar Words: hybridization, hybridisation, crossbreeding, crossing, interbreeding, hybridizing, hybrid, crossbreed, crisscross, mark, crown of thorns, hybridize, hybridise, interbreed, traverse, track, cover, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across, intersect, thwart, queer, spoil, scotch, foil, frustrate, baffle, bilk, span, sweep, crabbed, crabby, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered


See Also: double cross


Hyponyms: dihybrid cross, monohybrid cross, reciprocal cross, reciprocal, testcross, test-cross, crossbred, dihybrid, monohybrid, Calvary cross, cross of Calvary, Celtic cross, crucifix, rood, rood-tree, Greek cross, Jerusalem cross, Latin cross, Lorraine cross, cross of Lorraine, Maltese cross, papal cross, patriarchal cross, St. Andrew's cross, saltire, tau cross, St. Anthony's cross, tramp, stride, walk, crisscross, ford, bridge, jaywalk, drive, take, course, hop, decussate, disappoint, let down, dash, short-circuit, ruin


Derivational Morphology: crossbreed, hybridize, hybridise, interbreed, score, mark, nock, crisscross, thwart, queer, spoil, scotch, foil, frustrate, baffle, bilk, miscegenation, crossbreeding, interbreeding, hybridization, hybridisation, crossing, hybridizing, hybrid, crosswalk, crossover, path, track, course, traversal, traverse, traverser, intersection, crossroad, crossway, carrefour, frustration, defeat, thwarting, foiling, crown of thorns, obstructionist, obstructor, obstructer, resister, thwarter, sweep, expanse, span


Language Translations:
Albanian: kryq   Bosnian: krst  
Catalan: creu   Croatian: križ  
Dutch: kruis and oversteken   Esperanto: kruco  
Estonian: rist   Finnish: risti and ylittää  
French: croix and traverser   German: Kreuz and kreuzen  
Greek: σταυρός   Hungarian: kereszt  
Icelandic: kross   Italian: attraversare and croce  
Japanese: 渡る   Korean: 건너다  
Latin: crux   Latvian: krusts  
Malayalam: കടക്കുക and കുരിശ്   Norwegian: kors and kryss and krysse  
Polish: krzyż   Russian: крест and пересекать  
Spanish: atravesar and cruz   Swedish: kors and korsa and korset  
Telugu: దాటు   Ukrainian: розп'яття and хрест  
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