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Similar Words: covering fire, covering, screening, masking, binding, book binding, back, blanket, cover version, cover song, screen, covert, concealment, top, natural covering, cover charge, wrap up, brood, hatch, incubate, insure, underwrite, report, treat, handle, plow, deal, address, spread over, overlay, breed, shroud, enshroud, hide, traverse, track, cross, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across, cover up, embrace, encompass, comprehend, compensate, overcompensate, extend


Hyponyms: half binding, three-quarter binding, afghan, electric blanket, mackinaw, Mackinaw blanket, manta, security blanket, blind, camouflage, shoji, stalking-horse, cap, lid, manhole cover, screwtop, scale, shell, test, body covering, sheath, case, integument, blanket, mantle, crust, incrustation, encrustation, envelope, indumentum, indument, eggshell, skim, slough, snowcap, vesture, peridium, pericarp, seed vessel, perianth, chlamys, floral envelope, perigone, perigonium, theca, sac, indusium, bark, reinsure, indemnify, theologize, theologise, discourse, talk about, discuss, double-team, flood, bloody, mist, mist over, glaciate, strew, grass, grass over, coat, cake, submerge, drown, overwhelm, carpet, smother, shroud, frost, daub, smear, roof, mulch, turf, bank, board up, bedaub, besmear, surface, butter, lather, wallpaper, paper, canvas, oil, wax, veneer, grease, wash, line, face, feather, wrap, wrap up, spritz, felt, paste, coif, hold, jacket, foil, white-out, flash, pall, sod, bind, plank, plank over, parcel, flake, recover, hood, cowl, clapboard, canopy, bread, blinker, blindfold, aluminize, aluminise, crown, sheet, tile, lag, mask, block out, plaster, plaster over, stick on, paint, put on, apply, laminate, spray, brush, ice, surround, envelop, enfold, enwrap, enclose, sheathe, crape, crepe, concrete, blacklead, gravel, lime, mound over, straw, spread, drape, dust, steel, splash, tramp, stride, walk, crisscross, ford, bridge, jaywalk, drive, take, course, hop, whitewash, gloss over, sleek over, hush up, cross, traverse, span, sweep, overlap, overspread, ridge, dot, stud, constellate


Grouped Verbs: breed, hatch, compensate, overcompensate, report, treat, handle, do by, embrace, encompass, comprehend, extend, overlay, spread over, brood, incubate, insure, underwrite, plow, deal, address


Entailments: sit down, sit


Part Meronyms: book, volume


Derivational Morphology: dissemble, cloak, mask, shield, screen, cover up, back, spread over, bind, overlay, covering, brooding, incubation, incubator, brooder, hatch, hatching, brood, insurance broker, insurance agent, general agent, underwriter, insurance company, insurance firm, insurer, insurance underwriter, insurance, coverage, insurance coverage, reporting, reportage, report, account, news report, story, write up, reporter, newsman, newsperson, discussion, treatment, discourse, covering fire, binding, book binding, covert, concealment, natural covering, top, sheathing, overlayer, pall, shroud, cerement, winding-sheet, winding-clothes, crossing, crosswalk, crossover, path, track, course, traversal, traverse, traverser, screening, masking, cover-up, cover charge, inclusion, comprehension, encompassment, overcompensation, compensation, extent


Language Translations:
Afrikaans: dekking and voorblad   Albanian: kapak  
Catalan: tapa   Croatian: poklopac  
Dutch: dekken and deksel and kaft   Esperanto: tegilo  
Finnish: kansi and piilottaa   French: couverture  
German: Deckel and decken and Einband   Hebrew: כריכה and לכסות  
Hungarian: borító and fedő   Italian: coperto  
Lithuanian: užlieti   Polish: przykrycie and przykrywać  
Portuguese: acobertar and capa and tampa   Russian: крышка and обложка and прятать  
Slovene: platnica and pokriti and pokrov   Spanish: esconder and tapa  
Swedish: lock and omslag and täcka   Telugu: మూత and మూయు  
Turkish: kapak  
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