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  Definition of Walk
  1. (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls; "he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"
  2. the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"
  3. the act of walking somewhere; "he took a walk after lunch"
  4. a slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground
  5. careers in general; "it happens in all walks of life"
  6. a path set aside for walking; "after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk"
  7. manner of walking; "he had a funny walk"
  8. obtain a base on balls
  9. give a base on balls to
  10. take a walk; go for a walk; walk for pleasure; "The lovers held hands while walking"; "We like to walk every Sunday"
  11. use one''s feet to advance; advance by steps; "Walk, don''t run!"; "We walked instead of driving"; "She walks with a slight limp"; "The patient cannot walk yet"; "Walk over to the cabinet"
  12. make walk; "He walks the horse up the mountain"; "Walk the dog twice a day"
  13. accompany or escort; "I''ll walk you to your car"
  14. traverse or cover by walking; "Walk the tightrope"; "Paul walked the streets of Damascus"; "She walks 3 miles every day"
  15. walk at a pace; "The horsese walked across the meadow"
  16. be or act in association with; "We must walk with our dispossessed brothers and sisters"; "Walk with God"
  17. live or behave in a specified manner; "walk in sadness"
Similar Words: base on balls, pass, walking, walk of life, walkway, paseo, manner of walking, take the air


See Also: perambulate, walk about, walk around


Hyponyms: ambulation, sleepwalking, somnambulism, somnambulation, noctambulism, noctambulation, gait, march, marching, plodding, prowl, shamble, shambling, shuffle, shuffling, wading, amble, promenade, ramble, saunter, stroll, perambulation, constitutional, foot, hike, tramp, last mile, moonwalk, turn, walkabout, walk-through, boardwalk, catwalk, mall, sidewalk, pavement, skywalk, constitutionalize, tramp down, trample, tread down, lollop, tap, stumble, falter, bumble, leg it, hoof, hoof it, toe, traipse, shlep, perambulate, walk about, walk around, ambulate, sneak, mouse, creep, steal, pussyfoot, wade, swagger, ruffle, prance, strut, sashay, cock, sleepwalk, somnambulate, slink, limp, hobble, hitch, scuffle, mosey, skulk, toddle, coggle, totter, dodder, paddle, waddle, stride, slog, footslog, plod, trudge, pad, tiptoe, tip, tippytoe, stalk, flounce, stagger, reel, keel, lurch, swag, careen, flounder, stomp, stamp, stump, lumber, pound, pace, tread, slouch, mince, clump, clomp, process, step, parade, exhibit, trot


Grouped Verbs: take the air


Entailments: step


Derivational Morphology: take the air, base on balls, pass, manner of walking, walkway, paseo, walking, pedestrian, walker, footer, Zimmer, Zimmer frame, baby-walker, go-cart


Language Translations:
Afrikaans: loop   Armenian: քայլել  
Catalan: caminar and passejada and passejar   Chinese:  
Danish: and gå tur med and gåtur   Dutch: lopen and uitlaten and wandeling  
Esperanto: marŝo   Estonian: jalutuskäik and kõndima  
Finnish: kävellä and kävely and kävelyttää   French: marcher and promenade  
Georgian: სვლა   German: laufen and Spaziergang  
Hungarian: járni   Ido: promenar  
Interlingua: promenar   Irish: siúil  
Italian: camminare and camminata   Japanese: 散歩 and 散歩する and 歩く  
Korean: 걷다   Latin: ambulare  
Norwegian: and gå på tur med   Polish: iść  
Portuguese: andar and caminhada and passear   Russian: походить and прогулка and ходить  
Slovene: hoditi and prehoditi and sprehod and sprehoditi   Spanish: caminar and pasear and paseo  
Swahili: kutembea   Swedish: and gå ut och gå and promenad  
Telugu: నడక   Turkish: yürümek  
Welsh: cerdded   Yiddish: גיין  
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