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Similar Words: drumhead, read/write head, caput, mind, brain, psyche, nous, head word, heading, header, question, point, headway, pass, straits, fountainhead, headspring, forefront, chief, top dog, principal, school principal, head teacher, capitulum, steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, guide, channelize, channelise, lead, head up


Hyponyms: cunnilingus, fellatio, fellation, soixante-neuf, sixty-nine, pinhead, golf-club head, club head, club-head, clubhead, hammerhead, human head, noddle, tabula rasa, ego, unconscious mind, unconscious, subconscious mind, subconscious, crossheading, crosshead, headline, newspaper headline, lemma, rubric, running head, running headline, subheading, subhead, title, statute title, problem, question of fact, matter of fact, question of law, matter of law, acid head, hash head, pill head, pothead, administrator, executive, decision maker, capo, department head, don, father, general, superior general, general manager, grand dragon, head of household, secretary, chancellor, headmaster, schoolmaster, master, headmistress, dock, sheer, pull over, crab, navigate, stand out, starboard, conn, pilot, channel, canalize, canalise, corner, park, take, make, draw away, chair, chairman, captain, spearhead, take hold, take charge, take control, surmount, crown


Grouped Verbs: head up, lead


Part Meronyms: drum, membranophone, tympan, nail, pin, bolt, hammer, ram, coin, skeletal muscle, striated muscle, body, organic structure, physical structure, animal, animate being, beast, brute, creature, fauna, arrow, pointer, abscess


Derivational Morphology: mind, bear in mind, lead, steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, guide, channelize, channelise, head up, channelization, channelisation, canalization, canalisation, usher, forefront, headway, bearing, heading, aim, play, maneuverer, manoeuvrer, helmsman, steersman, steerer, steering, steerage, guidance, leader, chief, top dog, header


Language Translations:
Albanian: kokë   Basque: buru and buruzagi and zuzendu  
Belarusian: sc=Cyrl   Bosnian: glava  
Breton: penn and ren and skeiñ   Bulgarian: глава  
Catalan: cap   Chinese:  
Croatian: glava   Dutch: ergens naar toe gaan and hoofd and leiden  
Estonian: pea   Finnish: johtaa and johtaja and pää and suunnata  
French: chef and commander and se diriger and tête   German: ansteuern and führen and Kopf and Oberhaupt  
Greek: κεφάλι and κεφαλή   Hebrew: עמד בראש and ראש  
Hungarian: fej   Icelandic: höfuð  
Ido: kapo   Indonesian: kepala and pimpin and tuju  
Interlingua: capite and chef and commandar and diriger se   Irish: ceann  
Italian: testa   Japanese: and 向かう and 指導する and 指導者  
Korean: 머리   Kurdish: ber and birêvebirin and ser and serok  
Latin: caput   Latvian: galva  
Lithuanian: galva   Macedonian: глава  
Malayalam: തല   Maltese: kap and ras  
Polish: głowa and kierować and kierować się and kierownik   Portuguese: cabeça and chefe and comandar and dirigir-se  
Romanian: cap and şef   Russian: возглавлять and глава and голова and направляться  
Slovak: hlava   Slovene: glava and poglavar  
Spanish: cabeza and dirigirse and encabezar   Swahili: kichwa and mkuu  
Swedish: åka and huvud and leda and ledare   Tagalog: ulo  
Telugu: తల and నాయకుడు   Turkish: baş  
Ukrainian: голова   Welsh: pen  
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