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Similar Words: swordplay, child's play, turn, gambling, gaming, frolic, romp, gambol, caper, maneuver, manoeuvre, bid, looseness, fun, sport, drama, dramatic play, shimmer, free rein, playing period, period of play, toy, act, act as, dally, trifle, meet, encounter, take on, bet, wager, fiddle, diddle, bring, work, wreak, make for, run, represent, roleplay, playact, spiel, recreate, flirt


See Also: play out, entertain, think of, toy with, flirt with, think about, stage, bring about, arrange, effect, effectuate, set up, induce, bring on, pull off, negociate, bring off, carry off, manage, raise, conjure, conjure up, invoke, evoke, stir, call down, arouse, bring up, put forward, call forth


Hyponyms: fencing, house, doctor, fireman, move, start, starting, innings, attack, down, bat, at-bat, lead, ruff, trumping, sporting life, bet, wager, game of chance, gambling game, unlicensed gambling, throw, flirt, flirting, flirtation, coquetry, dalliance, toying, folly, foolery, tomfoolery, craziness, lunacy, indulgence, game, horseplay, teasing, word play, takeaway, figure, completion, pass completion, ball hawking, assist, icing, icing the puck, jugglery, obstruction, footwork, stroke, shot, safety blitz, linebacker blitzing, blitz, mousetrap, trap play, knock on, football play, razzle-dazzle, razzle, razzmatazz, razmataz, basketball play, baseball play, wiggliness, slack, slackness, jocosity, jocularity, waggery, waggishness, drollery, clowning, comedy, funniness, pun, punning, wordplay, paronomasia, Grand Guignol, theater of the absurd, playlet, miracle play, morality play, mystery play, Passion play, satyr play, musical, musical comedy, musical theater, curtain raiser, hole, golf hole, chukka, chukker, inning, frame, set, turn, bout, round, first period, second period, third period, final period, half, period, quarter, over, curl, snooker, revoke, develop, die, misplay, fumble, volley, unblock, replay, cricket, backstop, fullback, quarterback, cradle, exit, play out, field, catch, face off, bully off, tee off, ace, complete, nail, gamble, walk, bowl, golf, bandy, foul, put out, croquet, putt, seesaw, bid, call, confront, face, promote, hook, underplay, pitch, cover, declare, bet on, back, gage, stake, punt, raise, see, retire, debut, make, pretend, make believe, support, enact, reenact, act out, impersonate, portray, parody, emote, stooge, mime, pantomime, overact, ham it up, ham, overplay, underact, riff, fiddle, prelude, jazz, rag, bugle, reprise, reprize, repeat, recapitulate, slur, bang out, modulate, tongue, sound off, strike up, swing, symphonize, symphonise, play along, accompany, follow, bow, register, skirl, beat, tweedle, chord, pipe, drum, harp, trumpet, clarion, horse around, arse around, fool around, fool, frolic, lark, rollick, skylark, disport, sport, cavort, gambol, frisk, romp, run around, lark about, dabble, paddle, splash around


Grouped Verbs: act, behave, do, represent, dally, toy, flirt, meet, encounter, take on, bet, wager, work, roleplay, playact, run, execute, act as, spiel, recreate, trifle


Entailments: compete, vie, contend


Part Meronyms: game, athletic game


Derivational Morphology: bet, wager, bet on, back, gage, stake, game, punt, gamble, caper, frolic, lark, rollick, skylark, disport, sport, cavort, gambol, frisk, romp, run around, lark about, recreate, steer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, head, guide, channelize, channelise, bid, dramatize, dramatise, adopt, act, roleplay, playact, represent, shimmer, meet, encounter, take on, plaything, toy, playing, playing period, period of play, player, participant, brush, clash, skirmish, sports meeting, gambling, gaming, stakes, bettor, better, wagerer, punter, twiddler, fiddler, drama, dramatic play, theatrical performance, theatrical, representation, histrionics, actor, histrion, thespian, role player, acting, playacting, performing, routine, number, turn, bit, barnstormer, playactor, play-actor, trouper, roleplaying, musician, instrumentalist, looseness, diversion, recreation, child's play, flirt, flirting, flirtation, coquetry, dalliance, toying


Language Translations:
Albanian: lojë   Arabic: لعبة  
Catalan: actuar and joc and jugar and obra and participar, jugar and tocar   Chinese: and 表演 and 戲劇  
Croatian: igra   Danish: leg and stykke  
Dutch: optreden and spel and spelen   Esperanto: ludi and ludo  
Finnish: leikki and leikkiä and näytellä and näytelmä and pelata and soittaa   French: jeu and jouer and pièce  
German: Schauspiel and Spiel and spielen   Hebrew: לנגן and לשחק and משחק  
Hungarian: darab and játék and játszik   Icelandic: leika and spila  
Italian: dramma and giocare and gioco and suonare   Japanese: 遊ぶ and 演劇 and 演奏  
Korean: 놀다 and 연극 and 연기를 하다   Kurdish: yarî and şano  
Latin: ludus and lūdere   Malayalam: കളി and നാടകം  
Norwegian: spill   Polish: bawić and grać and sztuka and zabawa  
Portuguese: atuar and jogar and jogo and peça and tocar   Romanian: joc and juca  
Russian: игра and играть and пьеса   Slovak: hrať sa  
Slovene: igra and igrati and igrati se   Spanish: juego and jugar and obra and tocar  
Swedish: agera and leka and pjäs and spel and spela   Telugu: ఆడు and నాటకం  
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