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  Definition of Medicine

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Similar Words: practice of medicine, music, medication, medicament, medicinal drug, medical specialty, medicate


Hyponyms: preventive medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, acyclovir, Zovirax, alendronate, Fosamax, allopurinol, Zyloprim, amrinone, Inocor, analgesic, anodyne, painkiller, pain pill, angiogenesis inhibitor, antiarrhythmic, antiarrhythmic drug, antiarrhythmic medication, antibacterial, antibacterial drug, bactericide, anticholinergic, anticholinergic drug, anticholinesterase, anticoagulant, anticoagulant medication, decoagulant, anticonvulsant, anticonvulsant drug, antiepileptic, antiepileptic drug, antidepressant, antidepressant drug, antidiabetic, antidiabetic drug, antidiarrheal, antidiarrheal drug, antidiuretic, antidiuretic drug, antiemetic, antiemetic drug, antihistamine, antihypertensive, antihypertensive drug, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory drug, antiprotozoal, antiprotozoal drug, antipyretic, febrifuge, antiseptic, antispasmodic, spasmolytic, antispasmodic agent, antitussive, antiviral, antiviral agent, antiviral drug, APC, astringent, astringent drug, styptic, atomic cocktail, azathioprine, Imuran, blocker, blocking agent, bronchodilator, calcium blocker, calcium-channel blocker, carminative, clofibrate, Atromid-S, clopidogrel bisulfate, Plavix, cold medicine, counterirritant, cytotoxic drug, decongestant, demulcent, diaphoretic, disulfiram, Antabuse, dose, Drixoral, drug cocktail, highly active antiretroviral therapy, HAART, expectorant, expectorator, fixed-combination drug, gemfibrozil, Lopid, hematinic, haematinic, herbal medicine, histamine blocker, immunosuppressant, immunosuppressive drug, immune suppressant drug, inhalant, inhalation, isoproterenol, Isuprel, isosorbide, Isordil, lipid-lowering medicine, lipid-lowering medication, statin drug, statin, methacholine, Mecholyl, nux vomica, over-the-counter drug, over-the-counter medicine, oxytocic, oxytocic drug, paregoric, camphorated tincture of opium, patent medicine, penicillamine, Cuprimine, pentylenetetrazol, pentamethylenetetrazol, Metrazol, pharmaceutical, placebo, powder, prescription drug, prescription, prescription medicine, ethical drug, probenecid, purgative, cathartic, physic, aperient, remedy, curative, cure, rubefacient, sedative, sedative drug, depressant, downer, soothing syrup, specific, sucralfate, Carafate, suppository, tincture, tonic, restorative, tyrosine kinase inhibitor, vermicide, vermifuge, anthelmintic, anthelminthic, helminthic, allergology, anesthesiology, angiology, bacteriology, biomedicine, cardiology, dentistry, dental medicine, odontology, prosthetics, dermatology, emergency medicine, endocrinology, epidemiology, forensic medicine, forensic pathology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, gerontology, gynecology, gynaecology, hematology, haematology, hygiene, hygienics, immunology, internal medicine, general medicine, nephrology, nuclear medicine, neurology, clinical neurology, neuropsychiatry, nosology, diagnostics, obstetrics, OB, tocology, midwifery, oncology, ophthalmology, otology, otolaryngology, pharmacology, pharmacological medicine, materia medica, pharmacy, pharmaceutics, psychiatry, psychopathology, psychological medicine, pediatrics, paediatrics, pediatric medicine, podiatry, chiropody, proctology, rheumatology, space medicine, sports medicine, therapeutics, thoracic medicine, traumatology, accident surgery, tropical medicine, urology, urogenital medicine, veterinary medicine, virology, drug, salve


Derivational Morphology: medicate, practice of medicine, medication, medicament, medicinal drug, medical specialty


Language Translations:
Arabic: الطب and دواء   Armenian: բժշկություն and դեղ  
Breton: louzoù and medisinerezh   Bulgarian: лекарство and медицина  
Chinese: 醫學 and 藥物   Croatian: lijek and medicina  
Danish: medicin   Dutch: geneeskunde and medicijn  
Estonian: arstirohi and meditsiin   Finnish: lääke and lääketiede  
French: médecine and médicament   German: Arznei and Medizin  
Greek: φάρμακο and ιατρική   Hebrew: רפואה and תרופה  
Hungarian: gyógyszer and orvostudomány   Icelandic: læknisfræði and lyf  
Italian: medicina   Japanese: and 医学  
Kurdish: derman and tib   Norwegian: legemiddel and medisin  
Polish: lekarstwo and medycyna   Portuguese: medicina and remédio  
Russian: лекарство and медицина   Serbian: lek  
Slovene: medicina and zdravilo   Spanish: medicamento and medicina  
Swedish: läkemedel and medicin   Telugu: మందు and వైద్యం  
Turkish: ilaç  
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