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  Definition of Return
  1. the act of someone appearing again; "his reappearance as Hamlet has been long awaited"
  2. a coming to or returning home; "on his return from Australia we gave him a welcoming party"
  3. getting something back again; "upon the restitution of the book to its rightful owner the child was given a tongue lashing"
  4. the act of returning to a prior location; "they set out on their return to the base camp"
  5. (American football) the act of running back the ball after a kickoff or punt or interception or fumble
  6. a tennis stroke that returns the ball to the other player; "he won the point on a cross-court return"
  7. a reciprocal group action; "in return we gave them as good as we got"
  8. the key on electric typewriters or computer keyboards that causes a carriage return and a line feed
  9. document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer''s tax liability; "his gross income was enough that he had to file a tax return"
  10. a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one); "it brought a sharp rejoinder from the teacher"
  11. happening again (especially at regular intervals); "the return of spring"
  12. the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction
  13. the income arising from land or other property; "the average return was about 5%"
  14. go back to a previous state; "We reverted to the old rules"
  15. be restored; "Her old vigor returned"
  16. answer back
  17. submit (a report, etc.) to someone in authority; "submit a bill to a legislative body"
  18. go back to something earlier; "This harks back to a previous remark of his"
  19. pass down; "render a verdict"; "deliver a judgment"
  20. make a return; "return a kickback"
  21. give or supply; "The cow brings in 5 liters of milk"; "This year''s crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn"; "The estate renders some revenue for the family"
  22. come back to place where one has been before, or return to a previous activity
  23. return to a previous position; in mathematics; "The point returned to the interior of the figure"
  24. bring back to the point of departure
  25. be inherited by; "The estate fell to my sister"; "The land returned to the family"; "The estate devolved to an heir that everybody had assumed to be dead"
  26. pay back; "Please refund me my money"
  27. give back; "render money"
  28. return in kind; "return a compliment"; "return her love"
  29. elect again
Similar Words: reappearance, homecoming, restitution, restoration, regaining, paying back, getting even, return key, tax return, income tax return, rejoinder, retort, riposte, replication, comeback, counter, recurrence, coming back, issue, proceeds, take, takings, yield, payoff, revert, retrovert, regress, turn back, come back, repay, rejoin, hark back, recall, render, deliver, give, generate, go back, get back, take back, bring back, fall, pass, devolve, refund, give back, reelect


Hyponyms: comeback, repatriation, clawback, reentry, remand, forehand, forehand stroke, forehand shot, backhand, backhand stroke, backhand shot, chop, chop shot, drive, volley, ground stroke, half volley, lob, overhead, smash, drop shot, dink, passing shot, requital, retaliation, revenge, reciprocation, tit for tat, amended return, declaration of estimated tax, estimated tax return, false return, information return, joint return, sass, sassing, backtalk, back talk, lip, mouth, atavism, reversion, throwback, flashback, economic rent, rent, payback, relapse, lapse, recidivate, regress, retrogress, fall back, resile, recover, go back, recuperate, report out, recur, resurrect, rise, uprise, revisit, trace, retrace, backtrack, turn back, double back, cut back, flash back, home, go home, head home, boomerang, bounce, fall, light, reimburse, restore, restitute, feed back, resubmit


Grouped Verbs: give, bring about, yield, establish, accrue, fall


Part Meronyms: tennis, lawn tennis


Derivational Morphology: reappear, re-emerge, go back, get back, come back, recover, retrieve, find, regain, restore, restitute, render, take back, bring back, counter, retort, repay, riposte, rejoin, recur, repeat, revert, retrovert, regress, turn back, yield, give, generate, subscribe, subscribe to, take, regression, reversion, retrogression, retroversion, coming back, backsliding, lapse, lapsing, relapse, relapsing, reverting, rejoinder, replication, comeback, generation, issue, proceeds, takings, payoff, fruit, output, production, homecoming, repayment, quittance, refund, restitution, restoration, regaining, reelection


Anagrams: tureen, turner, neuter, nutter, Turner, tenure, untrue


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