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  Definition of Line

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Similar Words: occupation, business, job, line of work, cable, transmission line, railway line, rail line, product line, line of products, line of merchandise, business line, line of business, pipeline, production line, assembly line, telephone line, phone line, telephone circuit, subscriber line, dividing line, demarcation, contrast, argumentation, logical argument, line of reasoning, channel, communication channel, note, short letter, billet, tune, melody, air, strain, melodic line, melodic phrase, lineage, line of descent, descent, bloodline, blood line, blood, pedigree, ancestry, origin, parentage, stemma, stock, course, credit line, line of credit, bank line, personal credit line, personal line of credit, agate line, wrinkle, furrow, crease, crinkle, seam, trace, draw, describe, delineate, run along


Hyponyms: sport, farming, land, game, biz, career, calling, vocation, employment, work, appointment, position, post, berth, office, spot, billet, place, situation, treadmill, salt mine, trade, craft, profession, metier, medium, accountancy, accounting, photography, catering, coaxial cable, coax, coax cable, electrical cable, fiber optic cable, fibre optic cable, power line, power cable, printer cable, becket, cord, lanyard, laniard, lifeline, mooring, mooring line, painter, ratline, ratlin, rope, sheet, tack, mainsheet, weather sheet, shroud, strand, towline, towrope, towing line, towing rope, trace, branch line, spur track, spur, trunk line, trunk route, airline, airline business, airway, railway, railroad, railroad line, railway line, railway system, steamship company, steamship line, transit line, sideline, Alaskan pipeline, trans-Alaska pipeline, gas line, oil pipeline, digital subscriber line, DSL, hot line, land line, landline, party line, private line, toll line, WATS, WATS line, Rubicon, point of no return, line of inquiry, line of questioning, casuistry, policy, back channel, lens, liaison, link, contact, inter-group communication, excuse, cross hair, cross wire, dotted line, ascender, bar line, descender, squiggle, curlicue, spectrum line, trend line, isometric line, isometric, graduation, guideline, hairline, shaft, serif, seriph, staff line, ledger line, leger line, opening line, heading, header, head, line of poetry, line of verse, by-line, credit line, dateline, verse, verse line, punch line, laugh line, gag line, tag line, actor's line, speech, words, orphan, spiel, patter, line of gab, sound bite, bottom line, flourish, fanfare, tucket, glissando, roulade, leitmotiv, leitmotif, theme song, signature, signature tune, theme, melodic theme, musical theme, idea, part, voice, family, family line, folk, kinfolk, kinsfolk, sept, phratry, breed, side, stream, flow, current, diagonal, file, single file, Indian file, line of march, line of succession, picket line, conga line, trap line, queue, waiting line, rivet line, chorus, chorus line, linemen, lineup, row, rank, axis, aclinic line, magnetic equator, agonic line, isogonic line, isogonal line, isogone, crest, timber line, timberline, tree line, snow line, fault line, great circle, hemline, hipline, horizon, apparent horizon, visible horizon, sensible horizon, skyline, isogram, isopleth, isarithm, flight line, line of sight, line of vision, latitude, line of latitude, parallel of latitude, parallel, lunar latitude, path, route, itinerary, quadrant, quarter-circle, rhumb line, rhumb, loxodrome, danger line, waterline, water line, water level, watermark, watershed, water parting, divide, track, course, line of force, field line, balkline, baulk-line, string line, finishing line, finish line, foul line, baseline, goal line, red line, scrimmage line, line of scrimmage, service line, out of bounds, start, starting line, yard line, firing line, battlefront, front, front line, line of battle, battle line, consumer credit, curve, curved shape, straight line, geodesic, geodesic line, perimeter, centerline, center line, boundary, edge, bound, crow's foot, crow's feet, dermatoglyphic, frown line, line of life, life line, line of heart, heart line, love line, mensal line, line of fate, line of destiny, line of Saturn, reline, face, crib, babbitt, hatch, crisscross, construct, inscribe, circumscribe, write, rim


Grouped Verbs: draw


Part Meronyms: telephone system, phone system, cable, cable television, cable system, cable television service, transportation system, transportation, transit, factory, mill, manufacturing plant, manufactory, stanza, letter, missive, electromagnetic spectrum, skin, tegument, cutis


Derivational Morphology: absorb, engross, engage, occupy, contrast, counterpoint, demarcate, argue, reason, indicate, conduct, transmit, convey, carry, channel, canalize, canalise, transfer, transport, channelize, channelise, trace, draw, describe, delineate, melodize, melodise, rear, raise, bring up, nurture, parent, derive, come, descend, run along, rumple, crumple, wrinkle, crease, crinkle, ruckle, scrunch, scrunch up, crisp, furrow, purse, liner, lining, seam, outline, lineation, delineation, depiction, limning, line drawing, portrayal, drawing, tracing, tracer


Anagrams: lien, Nile


Language Translations:
Afrikaans: lyn   Dutch: rechte  
Finnish: suora   French: droite  
German: gerade   Greek: γραμμή  
Italian: linea   Portuguese: reta  
Russian: линия   Swedish: linje  
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