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  Definition of Talk
  1. the act of giving a talk to an audience; "I attended an interesting talk on local history"
  2. an exchange of ideas via conversation; "let''s have more work and less talk around here"
  3. (`talk about'' is a less formal alternative for `discussion of'') discussion; "his poetry contains much talk about love and anger"
  4. idle gossip or rumor; "there has been talk about you lately"
  5. a speech that is open to the public; "he attended a lecture on telecommunications"
  6. deliver a lecture or talk; "She will talk at Rutgers next week"; "Did you ever lecture at Harvard?"
  7. divulge confidential information or secrets; "Be careful--his secretary talks"
  8. express in speech; "She talks a lot of nonsense"; "This depressed patient does not verbalize"
  9. reveal information; "If you don''t oblige me, I''ll talk!"; "The former employee spilled all the details"
  10. exchange thoughts; talk with; "We often talk business"; "Actions talk louder than words"
  11. use language; "the baby talks already"; "the prisoner won''t speak"; "they speak a strange dialect"
Similar Words: talking, talk of the town, lecture, public lecture, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, tattle, blab, peach, babble, sing, babble out, blab out, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise, spill


See Also: rant, mouth off, jabber, spout, rabbit on, rave, speak up, speak for


Hyponyms: chalk talk, cant, pious platitude, dialogue, dialog, duologue, heart-to-heart, shmooze, shop talk, wind, idle words, jazz, nothingness, yak, yack, yakety-yak, chatter, cackle, preach, prophesy, read, vocalize, vocalise, phonate, troll, begin, lip off, shoot one's mouth off, shout, whisper, peep, speak up, snap, snarl, enthuse, speak in tongues, swallow, verbalize, verbalise, whiff, talk of, talk about, blubber, blubber out, drone, drone on, bumble, stutter, stammer, falter, rasp, blurt out, blurt, blunder out, blunder, ejaculate, tone, inflect, modulate, deliver, present, generalize, generalise, piffle, palaver, prate, tittle-tattle, twaddle, clack, maunder, prattle, blab, gibber, tattle, blabber, gabble, jaw, yack away, rattle on, yap away, open up, snivel, whine, murmur, mumble, mutter, mussitate, slur, bark, bay, rant, mouth off, jabber, spout, rabbit on, rave, hiss, sizz, siss, sibilate, babble, chant, intone, gulp, sing, continue, go on, carry on, proceed, discourse, dissertate, pontificate, orate, talk down, spiel, dogmatize, dogmatise, cheek, level, talk turkey, monologuize, monologuise, soliloquize, soliloquise, converse, chat up, flirt, dally, butterfly, coquet, coquette, romance, philander, mash, dish the dirt, gossip, rap, run on, smatter, slang


Grouped Verbs: spill, verbalize, verbalise, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, tattle, blab, peach, babble, sing, babble out, blab out


Derivational Morphology: speak, spill, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbalise, spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, tattle, blab, peach, babble, sing, babble out, blab out, lecture, public lecture, speaker, talker, utterer, verbalizer, verbaliser, lecturing, lector, lecturer, reader, singing, telling, informer, betrayer, rat, squealer, blabber, tattletale, tattler, taleteller, talebearer, telltale, blabbermouth, talk of the town, verbalization, verbalisation, sass, sassing, backtalk, back talk, lip, mouthpiece, oral cavity, oral fissure, rima oris, utterance, vocalization, speech, speaking, speech production, talking, language


Language Translations:
Armenian: խոսել   Bulgarian: беседа and говоря and разговор  
Catalan: parlar   Chinese: 說話  
Croatian: predavanje and razgovor   Danish: foredrag and samtale and tale  
Dutch: gesprek and praten   Esperanto: paroli  
Finnish: esitelmä and keskustelu and puhua   French: conversation and parler  
German: Gespräch and reden   Greek: μιλώ  
Hungarian: beszéd and beszélgetni   Icelandic: tala  
Ido: parolar   Indonesian: bicara  
Interlingua: conversation and discurso and parlar   Italian: parlare  
Japanese: sc=Jpan   Korean: 말하다  
Latin: fabulari   Norwegian: foredrag and samtale and snakke  
Polish: mówić and rozmowa   Portuguese: conversa and discurso and falar  
Russian: говорить and лекция and разговор   Spanish: conferencia and conversación and hablar  
Swedish: föreläsning and konversation and prata   Tamil: Sol  
Telugu: కబుర్లు and ప్రసంగం and మాట్లాడు   Turkish: konuşmak  
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