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Similar Words: variety, alteration, modification, alter, vary, modify, exchange, commute, convert, switch, shift, deepen, transfer, interchange


Hyponyms: entail, about-face, volte-face, reversal, policy change, adulteration, move, relocation, filtration, reduction, simplification, decimalization, decimalisation, metrification, metrication, variation, turning, diversification, variegation, flux, switch, switching, shift, substitution, exchange, commutation, promotion, demotion, change of state, alteration, modification, adjustment, motion, movement, motility, change of direction, reorientation, change of magnitude, change of integrity, conversion, updating, change of shape, satisfaction, nationalization, nationalisation, communization, communisation, secularization, secularisation, rollover, avulsion, mutation, sublimation, surprise, birth, nativity, nascency, nascence, separation, breakup, detachment, vagary, fluctuation, death, decease, decrease, lessening, drop-off, destabilization, increase, easing, moderation, relief, deformation, transition, transformation, transmutation, twinkle, scintillation, sparkling, shimmer, play, damage, harm, impairment, development, revolution, genetic mutation, chromosomal mutation, loss of consciousness, depolarization, depolarisation, difference, gradient, freshen, refresh, refreshen, freshen up, dress, get dressed, grow, develop, produce, get, acquire, regenerate, gel, brutalize, brutalise, animalize, animalise, convert, mutate, have, experience, decrepitate, suburbanize, suburbanise, roll, roll up, glaze, glass, glass over, glaze over, turn, barbarize, barbarise, alkalinize, alkalinise, change by reversal, reverse, change integrity, change shape, change form, deform, change state, adjust, conform, adapt, rise, jump, climb up, assimilate, dissimilate, change magnitude, modify, deaden, break, decay, crumble, delapidate, mold, mildew, hydrate, dry, dry out, strengthen, distill, distil, deoxidize, deoxidise, reduce, crack, oxidize, oxidise, oxidate, mellow, melt, mellow out, soften, ionize, ionise, stabilize, stabilise, destabilize, destabilise, lighten, lighten up, discolor, discolour, colour, color, narrow, contract, darken, brighten, dim, check, transpire, resume, take up, change surface, sublime, sublimate, cool, cool off, cool down, warm up, warm, transform, transmute, metamorphose, dull, complexify, ramify, Americanize, Americanise, modernize, modernise, stiffen, tighten, fail, go bad, give way, die, give out, conk out, go, break down, yield, harden, indurate, suffuse, hush, normalize, normalise, reorient, purify, digest, regress, foul, decalcify, industrialize, industrialise, decarboxylate, spot, receive, find, obtain, incur, acetylate, acetylize, acetylise, assume, adopt, take on, take, prim, capacitate, caseate, clinker, cure, dawn, salinate, desalinate, desalt, desalinize, desalinise, shallow, shoal, sop, steepen, superannuate, ulcerate, vitrify, vulcanize, vulcanise, pall, become flat, saponify, run, come, catch, catch on, fly, evolve, assibilate, smoothen, turn on, drop, break into, deepen, concretize, concretise, commute, transpose, introject, swing, fall, reflate, hydrolyze, hydrolyse, fold, fold up, gelatinize, gelatinise, felt, felt up, mat up, matt-up, matte up, matte, mat, recombine, feminize, feminise, obsolesce, plasticize, plasticise, recede, defervesce, incandesce, calcify, drift, play out, conjugate, isomerize, isomerise, evaporate, vaporise, gradate, keratinize, keratinise, opacify, mature, rejuvenate, sequester, transaminate, vesiculate, undulate, vascularize, vascularise, crash, professionalize, professionalise, flip, flip out, synthesize, come round, come around, promote, separate, divide, part, format, arrange, fall for, move up, change posture, settle, collapse, fall in, cave in, give, founder, solarize, solarise, occult, pass, leave, depart, pull up stakes, liberalize, liberalise, stratify, democratize, democratise, relax, loosen, reticulate, flocculate, carbonate, come in, go out, stagnate, make, ice up, frost over, ice over, alternate, crackle, modulate, avianize, avianise, accommodate, let out, widen, take in, diversify, branch out, broaden, radiate, specialize, specialise, narrow down, honeycomb, awaken, wake, waken, rouse, wake up, arouse, cause to sleep, affect, inseminate, fecundate, fertilize, fertilise, indispose, cry, etiolate, opalize, opalise, arterialize, arterialise, counterchange, interchange, revolutionize, revolutionise, overturn, mythologize, mythologise, mythicize, mythicise, allegorize, allegorise, demythologize, demythologise, bring, land, coarsen, impact, bear upon, bear on, touch on, touch, alchemize, alchemise, alcoholize, alcoholise, shape, form, round off, round down, round out, round, suspend, sober, reconstruct, ease up, ease off, let up, vitalize, vitalise, unclutter, clear, activate, aerate, inactivate, deactivate, blunt, remodel, redo, edit, redact, cut, edit out, tame, chasten, subdue, moderate, temper, better, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate, worsen, aggravate, exacerbate, exasperate, wet, lubricate, beef up, fortify, spike, lace, weaken, unite, unify, merge, age, ripen, antique, antiquate, make grow, ossify, acerbate, sensitize, sensitise, sensify, sensibilize, sensibilise, desensitize, desensitise, habituate, accustom, disorder, disarray, colorize, colorise, colourise, colourize, color in, colour in, stain, hue, uglify, untune, set, correct, disqualify, unfit, domesticate, domesticize, domesticise, reclaim, dehydrogenate, hydrogenate, oxygenize, oxygenise, blur, blear, obscure, bedim, overcloud, blot out, obliterate, veil, hide, cook, slenderize, slenderise, dissolve, dismiss, end, terminate, demist, condense, concentrate, chill, heat, heat up, boil, freeze, blister, change over, transubstantiate, ash, translate, reform, rectify, Islamize, Islamise, invert, customize, customise, personalize, personalise, individualize, individualise, depersonalize, depersonalise, objectify, sharpen, flatten, disintegrate, magnetize, magnetise, demagnetize, demagnetise, degauss, simplify, complicate, refine, rarify, elaborate, perplex, supercharge, pressurize, pressurise, centralize, centralise, decentralize, deconcentrate, decentralise, socialize, socialise, fix, prepare, set up, ready, gear up, internationalize, internationalise, communize, communise, bolshevize, bolshevise, Europeanize, Europeanise, bestialize, bestialise, anglicize, anglicise, Frenchify, civilize, civilise, nationalize, nationalise, denationalize, denationalise, naturalize, naturalise, denaturalize, denaturalise, even, even out, equal, match, equalize, equalise, equate, loose, fasten, transitivize, transitivise, detransitivize, detransitivise, intransitivize, intransitivise, thicken, inspissate, full, retard, delay, lessen, minify, liquefy, liquify, liquidize, liquidise, solvate, validate, invalidate, void, vitiate, empty, fill, fill up, make full, saturate, clot, coagulate, louden, renormalize, renormalise, morph, neutralize, neutralise, commercialize, commercialise, market, purge, sanctify, mechanize, mechanise, automatize, automatise, automate, harmonize, harmonise, chord, polarize, polarise, glorify, contaminate, devalue, insulate, urbanize, urbanise, emulsify, demulsify, Nazify, clarify, mark, barb, nick, disable, disenable, incapacitate, enable, de-emphasize, de-emphasise, destress, tender, tenderize, tenderise, charge, sweeten, iodinate, ionate, archaize, archaise, inform, officialize, officialise, occidentalize, occidentalise, westernize, westernise, orientalize, orientalise, achromatize, achromatise, parallel, collimate, camp, classicize, classicise, conventionalize, conventionalise, decimalize, decimalise, dizzy, poison, envenom, exteriorize, exteriorise, externalize, externalise, glamorize, glamourise, glamourize, glamorise, introvert, laicize, laicise, politicize, politicise, proof, romanticize, romanticise, rusticate, sauce, tense, scramble, unscramble, unsex, extend, expand, set aside, muddy, lift, raise, elevate, harshen, dinge, demonize, demonise, devilize, devilise, diabolize, diabolise, etherealize, etherialise, immaterialize, immaterialise, unsubstantialize, unsubstantialise, animize, animise, animate, dynamize, dynamise, rarefy, subtilize, volatilize, volatilise, uniformize, uniformise, symmetrize, symmetrise, immortalize, immortalise, eternize, eternise, eternalize, eternalise, denature, sanitize, sanitise, verbify, sputter, draw, dope, prostrate, excite, energize, energise, shake, outmode, spice, spice up, shorten, think, deflate, inflate, digitize, digitise, digitalize, digitalise, effeminize, erreminise, womanize, masculinize, masculinise, virilize, virilise, dissonate, sexualize, sexualise, schematize, schematise, patent, constitutionalize, constitutionalise, rationalize, rationalise, paganize, paganise, deaminate, deaminize, angulate, circularize, depolarize, depolarise, intensify, legitimate, opsonize, militarize, militarise, recommend, sentimentalize, sentimentalise, solemnize, solemnise, territorialize, territorialise, transfigure, spiritualize, unsanctify, visualize, visualise, variegate, ventilate, vivify, vulgarise, vulgarize, supple, smut, still, weaponize, confuse, obnubilate, tone down, obfuscate, synchronize, synchronise, mince, crush, fatten, fat, flesh out, fill out, plump, plump out, fatten out, fatten up, disturb, untie, undo, string, straighten, straighten out, mix, mingle, commix, amalgamate, put, clean, make clean, dirty, soil, begrime, grime, colly, bemire, lower, depress, break up, alter, decorate, adorn, grace, ornament, embellish, beautify, humanize, humanise, humble, estrange, alienate, alien, disaffect, right, deodorize, deodorise, deodourise, blind, change intensity, change taste, capture, lend, impart, bestow, contribute, add, restore, reinstate, reestablish, compensate, redress, corrupt, pervert, subvert, demoralize, demoralise, debauch, debase, profane, deprave, misdirect, make possible, cohere, utilize, capitalize, capitalise, launder, surf, channel-surf, leap, diphthongize, diphthongise, sell, cash, cash in, ransom, redeem, substitute, replace, sub, stand in, fill in, trade, swap, swop, barter, trade in


Grouped Verbs: switch, shift, exchange, commute, convert


Derivational Morphology: alter, vary, modify, alteration, modification, version, variant, variation, edition, adjustment, changer, modifier, conversion, commutation, exchange, interchange, exchanger, money changer, shift, displacement, switch, switching, transfer, reciprocation, give-and-take


Language Translations:
Albanian: ndryshim   Catalan: canvi  
Croatian: promjena   Danish: ændre and ændring and skifte and småpenge  
Dutch: veranderen and verandering and verwisselen and wisselgeld   Esperanto: ŝanĝi and ŝanĝiĝi and ŝanĝo  
Finnish: muutos and muuttaa and muuttua and vaihtaa and vaihtoraha   French: changement and changer and monnaie and remplacer  
German: Änderung and ändern and sich ändern and Wechselgeld and wechseln   Hebrew: להחליף and להשתנות and לשנות and עודף and שינוי  
Hindi: छुट्टा and बदलना   Hungarian: változás  
Ido: chanjo and kambio   Indonesian: ubah  
Italian: cambiare and cambio and resto   Japanese: お釣り and 変える and 変わる and 変化 and 代える  
Korean: 변화   Latin: cambiare and cambiatio  
Malayalam: ചില്ലറ and മാറ്റം   Polish: zamienić and zmiana and zmienić and zmienić się  
Portuguese: alterar and mudança and mudar and troco   Romanian: a înlocui and a schimba and schimb  
Russian: заменять and изменять and изменяться   Serbian: promena and sitnina  
Slovene: drobiž and sprememba and spremeniti and zamenjati   Spanish: cambiar and cambio  
Swedish: ändra and ändras and byta and förändring and växel   Telugu: చిల్లర and మారు and మార్చు and మార్పు  
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